Fulham WorkHorse LED Extreme Drivers for Harsh Environments

Drivers Feature Integrated Wireless Controls for Easy Configuration and Installation In Outdoor and High-Power Lighting Applications

WorkHorse LED Extreme Drivers from Fulham Co., Inc. are intelligent, programmable LED drivers built for harsh environments. This family of constant current, programmable drivers is specifically designed for outdoor and high-power lighting applications.

extreme driversThe WorkHorse LED Extreme family is composed of two series of drivers: XP and XE. The XP Series includes the industry’s first outdoor LED drivers with integrated wireless controls to simplify customization and field installation. The WorkHorse LED XE Series offers output current programming up to 5000mA. Both series are rated IP65 with 6kV or 4kV of internal surge protection and come with a five-year warranty. Products support either 347VAC or universal voltage input, for operation around the world.

The WorkHorse LED XP Series drivers are available in five power configurations: 40W, 60W, 100W, 150W, and 200W. The high-power WorkHorse LED units have MCU controlled circuitry, including MCU controlled health monitoring that allows for black box data to be captured for field analysis. The integrated wireless versions support Tvilight’s City Manager control software, a key building block for Smart Cities. The 0-10V dimming versions support dimming to 10% power. All XP Series drivers can be programmed with custom dimming curves, custom NTC thermal feedback, and power output. Tunable output power enables the drivers to be substituted into luminaires without affecting performance or lumen output.

All high-power WorkHorse LED XP Series drivers include intelligent driver over temperature protection, as well as intelligent module over temperature protection via NTC input to promote an extended useful life.

The WorkHorse LED XE Series drivers are available in two output configurations: 96W and 185W. The drivers support 0-10V dimming and programmable output current.

All WorkHorse LED Extreme drivers are configured using a handheld programmer or PC with Fulham’s SmartSet computer software. These tools address one of the primary challenges facing LED luminaire manufacturers—how to tune the driver’s output current to achieve optimal efficiency and performance.

“Programmable outdoor lighting is part of Fulham’s vision of a future with clever, connected, controlled lighting,” said Alvaro Garcia, Product Director for LED & Emergency Drivers at Fulham. “Our new programmable WorkHorse LED drivers can be adapted for any harsh environment lighting application, including outdoor and retrofits, and since we offer the widest voltage range in the industry, our customers can stock fewer SKUs without limiting their inventory’s capabilities. We see this kind of clever, programmable lighting solution claiming more market attention in the years ahead.”