FumeJet Fume Exhaust Fan From Greenheck

Fume Exhaust FanGreenheck’s new FumeJet pre-engineered, centrifugal fume exhaust fan packaged models offer extended discharge to reduce and prevent exposure to harmful fumes and odors outdoors.

Designed per ANSI Z9.2 standard for local exhaust systems, Models FJC and FJI provide a compact footprint with motors and drives located under a common weatherhood; complimentary accessories for quick and trouble free installation; plus configurable mounting options to suit different building layouts. The exhaust fan and stack assembly have been designed and factory tested to withstand a wind speed of 22 PSF (92 miles per hour) without the need for guy wires. With a maximum exhaust volume of 15,000 cfm and up to 8 in. wg (1250 Pa) plus multiple levels of construction, the FumeJet line provides a quick and easy alternative to a field built-up system in commercial and industrial applications.

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