GE Current Introduces New Daintree Controls Software

New software platform allows users to manage building portfolios big and small from a single, easy-to-use interface.

GE Current, a Daintree company, recently introduced the all-new Daintree® Controls Software (DCS). Built to meet the needs of today and tomorrow, this web-based application empowers users to monitor, troubleshoot, and report on the energy performance of indoor, outdoor and industrial spaces from a single application.

DCS is built on Current’s three pillars of building management: It is simple, scalable, and flexible. Whether they are managing a single unit or a vast portfolio of spaces, building managers can adjust scheduling or lighting parameters based on hours of operation, seasonality, evolving energy codes, or business energy requirements. With real-time visibility of what’s happening in specific zones, an entire building or a network of buildings, those same managers can identify issues when they arise, preventing costly oversights.Daintree Controls Software

The upgradeable nature of DCS enables users to expand and adapt lighting controls applications as needs arise and technologies become available. The software can be seamlessly integrated into other building management systems to gain a centralized and holistic view of building performance in the easy-to-understand graphical interface of DCS. Managers can also use the software’s read/write capability to work with API programs to funnel real-time data into applications that enable location-based services, people counting and more to empower organizations to better understand how spaces are being used.

“Daintree Controls Software builds upon the rich history of Current’s controls and sensors to bring accessible building monitoring to any business,” said Melissa Wesorick, Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer at Current. “We’ve made this platform simple and actionable so all users can more easily understand what’s happening in their spaces, what needs adjustment and where there are opportunities for savings. It’s all part of our mission to make commercial and industrial businesses as efficient and effective as possible.”

Data security is built into every aspect of Daintree Controls Software. Current’s defense-in-depth strategy provides multi-layered protection, leading to a recent cybersecurity certification by the ioXt Alliance. To earn certification from ioXt—widely regarded as the global standard for Internet of Things (IoT) security—a device must meet eight criteria that fall under the categories of security, upgradability, and transparency. The Wireless Area Controller (WAC60) used in the Daintree Wireless system exceeds the mark in these categories, allowing users to deploy wireless lighting controls and IoT solutions with confidence.

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