GEC Debuts Three TEMP-BUST-R Ventilation Fans

GEC's three models in the TEMP-BUST-R Ventilation Fan Line feature direct-drive, three-speed motors and are built to withstand tough use.


GEC Offers Three TEMP-BUST-R Ventilation Fans
GEC Offers Three TEMP-BUST-R Ventilation Fans

General Equipment Company offers three models in the TEMP-BUST-R Ventilation Fan Line: the 30-inch (762 mm) diameter EBF30, the 36-inch (914.4 mm) diameter EBF36, and the new 42-inch (1,067 mm) diameter EBF42. These fans feature direct-drive, three-speed motors and are built to withstand abuse better than traditional metal-built alternatives. They also are designed with exclusive performance features to make them ideal for a wide variety of applications and industries, such as general construction, demolition, oil & gas, and other non-hazardous industrial work environments.

All TEMP-BUST-R units include 115 VAC, 60 Hz electric motors and offer three fan speeds. The EBF30 model is powered by a 0.5-horsepower motor and produces between 4,200 to 6,000 CFM of output. The larger EBF36 uses a 0.75-horsepower motor and delivers between 9,200 and 11,200 CFM. The largest EBF42 model is powered by a 0.75-horsepower motor and achieves between 16,500 and 18,500 CFM. 

The ventilation fan line also features enclosures constructed of lightweight, yet heavy-duty double-walled, high-density polyethylene that are UV-resistant and corrosion-proof. Combined with aluminum blades, steel hubs and integral powder-coated steel-wire safety screens, the fans are built to endure the rigors of many job sites.

TEMP-BUST-R ventilation fans include exclusive features not found on competitive units. One of these is the GripStop feature, which uses a rigid steel support bracket with poly surface grips to help keep the fan in place during operation and prevent movement on unlevel surfaces and inclines. Furthermore, the blade assembly is precision balanced to reduce vibration, which also decreases unintended movement in addition to minimizing sound.

One of the common challenges with traditional drum fans is transport and storage of multiple units. TEMP-BUST-R fans solve this issue with an extremely compact design that allows multiple units to be stacked horizontally on a pallet for easy transport or storage. Whereas one traditional drum fan typically can be stored on a standard pallet, six of the model EBF30 or the EBF36 can be stacked on one pallet. Both the EBF30 and EBF36 come equipped with built-in retention straps to help stabilize the stack during storage or transportation. The EBF42 has the capability to have 5 stacked horizontally on a pallet.

TEMP-BUST-R ventilation fans are both ETL and CE certified. Other standard features include integral handles and large, 6-inch (152.4 mm) diameter wheels to maximize ease of mobility. Flip-N-Store storage offers a convenient, self-contained cord management solution on the EBF30 and EBF36. On the EBF42, a convenient molded-in cord-storage channel is provided.

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