Genetec AutoVu SharpV License Plate Recognition

Built to read license plates and stream contextual video simultaneously within Security Center.

The AutoVu™ SharpV from Genetec™ Inc. is an automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) device. It combines two high-definition cameras with onboard processing and illumination in a ruggedized, environmentally sealed unit.

license plate recognitionThe SharpV is suited for a range of applications, from managing off-street parking lots and facilities to covering major city access points for wanted vehicles. It is also capable of simultaneously streaming ALPR and video data to Security Center, the Genetec security platform, where it can be unified with plate reads from mobile ALPR vehicles, surveillance camera streams, and access control events in a single system. On-board I/Os can be used to trigger reads based on sensors to increase capture rates or open gates based on a list of permitted plates.

The SharpV covers a wide field-of-view and provides high-quality images and video, day or night. Processing is on-board and since only plate read data needs to be transferred over the network, there is decreased data load on the network and server; all the image processing and analysis is done in the unit. The cameras are not dependent on the server for uninterrupted coverage even when connectivity goes down.

license plate recognitionThe ALPR camera sensor features a 1280 × 960 progressive scan at 30 fps (ALPR), monochrome. The context camera sensor has a 1280 × 960 progressive scan at 30 fps (ALPR) and 15 fps (streaming), color. Standard capture range is 9′ to 60′; long range is 60′ to 115′.

Beyond being an all-in-one ALPR unit, the SharpV connects to power and data using a single off-the-shelf Ethernet cable so it can be deployed more quickly. As a varifocal camera, the reading distance and magnification are adjustable on site, reducing system design and specification effort.

AutoVu SharpV delivers physical access control capabilities when paired with the Synergis™ Cloud Link intelligent PoE-enabled appliance. Access to a facility through a gate can be managed by granting or denying access based on vehicle license plates assigned to cardholders as credentials, along with detailed access rights and schedules. In addition to controlling and monitoring peripheral access through the use of ALPR cameras as readers, organizations stand to benefit from additional insights provided by ALPR analytics.

Available in white or black, the AutoVu SharpV license plate recognition device is powered by PoE+ (Power-over-Ethernet – 802.3 at Type 2 (25.5W). It measures 2.5″ x 7.6″ x 8.5″ (2.7″ high including sunshield for black version) and weighs 5.04 pounds.