Genetec Clearance Digital Evidence Management

New system facilitates collaboration between security departments, outside agencies, and the public

Genetec Clearance is a digital evidence management system. It can help speed up investigations by allowing police officers, investigators, and security managers to collect, manage, and share digital evidence from a variety of sources such as video management systems, body-worn devices, in-car systems, and cell phone footage from bystanders and evidence

By centralizing all pertinent files related to cases within a single application evidence can easily be shared between investigators or requested by third parties, without needing an officer to go on-site to physically deliver the recordings. Users can transfer different types of digital evidence, including images, video, audio, PDF, and many other formats. All the necessary evidence can be saved and storage capacity can be increased as needed.

Users can assign different levels of user permissions and assign read, edit, or manage permissions to individuals, groups, or departments. Activity can also be tracked to view who accessed or modified a case or file, whether internal or external, to ensure that the chain of custody is maintained. Detailed information about the user, activity type, date of edits, and the IP address associated to the action can be obtained.

Because Genetec Clearance is built on an open architecture, users are not locked in with a single vendor or option and can synchronize with existing tools to help manage cases more efficiently. For example, the digital evidence management system can be integrated with an existing Active Directory to help authenticate users and manage system access.

Users can review and categorize video from disparate systems by adding customizable tags, case titles, and case descriptions. Optimized for HTML 5 and compatible with most web browsers, Genetec Clearance can be accessed from almost anywhere, including from mobile devices. Since all video is converted to MP4 upon import, video can be viewed in the application without having to open a separate video player. An intuitive map-based interface allows users to search for evidence in a selected area and will also cluster map markers to make the map easier to read.

To ensure the integrity of data, Genetec Clearance is CJIS and FedRAMP compliant, has AES-256 bit encryption, and uses SHA-256 to detect any attempts to modify content. All communication with the platform is secured using HTTPS protocol and TLS certificates signed by trusted certificate authorities. In addition, the digital evidence management system protects people’s identity and privacy by redacting sensitive information from video prior to sharing.