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Free video webinar features a dynamic discussion on what the next evolution of facility condition assessments (FCAs) means for facility leaders.

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How To Get More From Your FCA Data

Facility condition assessments (FCAs) are a key component of good facility management and a tool for capital cost projections. But they don’t come cheap and, despite the effort, the data provided isn’t current or useful for very long.

A better FCA is possible – a “living” FCA. It provides sustainable data and can be leveraged for maintenance and capital planning insights year after year. Best of all, it’s not a “one and done” investment that you have to start with each FCA process.

View this free video webinar featuring a dynamic discussion on what this next evolution of FCAs means for facility leaders – and how cutting edge software tools are making living FCAs a reality.

You’ll learn:

  • The limitations of the traditional FCA
  • What a better FCA looks like
  • Benefits of a living FCA

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How To Get More From Your FCA Data Webinar

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