GKD Unveils New Mesh Product and Engineering Capabilities

Newest offering is a metal fabric made out of stainless steel and aluminum while offering a textured look.


GKD announced innovations in metal mesh engineering while offering new educational opportunities to architects and designers. GKD unveiled its newest metal fabric, Oasis.

GKD explores the emergence of the “mid-door” building concept and how metal fabric can be used to accomplish this critical component. The company also has a new patent pending quality control mechanism and premium stainless steel fabrication capabilities.

This anodized aluminum metal fabric is engineered to ensure a consistent appearance of texture and tone throughout the entire panel — even under different lighting conditions.

Most metal fabric weaves are made entirely out of stainless steel wire. Oasis is a combination of stainless steel multifilament cables and large-diameter anodized aluminum tubes designed to reflect specific colors.

Tension is critical to ensuring woven metal fabrics maintain optimum performance and design qualities. GKD Tensiomesh is a patent pending quality control device that can be installed on the system bracket to measure exact tension specifications.

A built-in scale provides a visual confirmation that the correct tension levels are achieved and serves as a continuous quality assurance device that measures tension over time. If tension declines, bolts can easily be tightened to the desired levels eliminating trial and error.

Strategic engineering enhancements within the GKD-USA manufacturing facility offer architects and designers even greater flexibility with the addition of a new press break. The added equipment allows GKD to bend and form stainless steel up to 13 feet across in-house resulting in faster lead times and quality control by eliminating the potential for iron contamination from machinery that is also used to work carbon steel.

These capabilities will be utilized in the fabrication of structural support brackets and cover trim as well as engineering GKD U-binding frames. This framing system creates rigid metal mesh fabric panels for railings, partitions, and enclosures.

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