CARVART Contract’s glassTOPS reinvent and reinvigorate contract furnishings, projecting a sleek reflective aesthetic that upgrades new or updates old desks, credenzas, tables, and counters. The tempered safety glass comes in three thicknesses and 27 opaque backpaint colors with Smooth and Etch surface selections. Colors match CARVART’s glassSCREENS and glassBOARDS for design consistency. A wide range of sizes and mounting options are available, as well as complete customization. An affordable way to modernize interiors, glassTOPS also provide excellent durability and cleanability in an office, hospitality, or healthcare environment

contract furnishingsThe glassTOPS collection is part of the new CARVART Contract initiative. The line of turnkey architectural glass and hardware includes an array of contract-driven designs for wall cladding, room divider screens, workstation screens, and movable and wall-mounted marker glass. All finishes have been curated to provide a broad, harmonious palette of 27 back-painted colors, 24 metal frame colors, and over 50 options of laminated glass using color, pattern, wood, textile and gradient aesthetics. The CARVART Contract glass offering works together seamlessly across a project and can be completely customized to provide full personal creative expression.