GP PRO and Butlr Technologies Partner on Restroom-maintenance Solution

Innovative marketing partnership aims to create a safer return to office.

Butlr Technologies and GP PRO, a division of Georgia-Pacific, announced a new marketing partnership designed to help create a safer return to office experience for employees and a comprehensive and differentiated restroom-maintenance solution for facilities. The partnership comes two years into the coronavirus pandemic, as hygiene remains a critical necessity largely dependent upon custodian efficiency and productivity.

Butlr GP PRO Restroom-Maintenance Solution KOLO DashboardButlr Technologies, a spin-out of the MIT Media Lab, has built a breakthrough people-sensing platform using thermal, wireless sensors and artificial intelligence to passively and anonymously detect human presence indoors. Specifically, the platform uses body heat to infer occupancy, headcount and activity to generate accurate, real-time and historic spatial insights. In combination with GP PRO’s KOLO™ Smart Monitoring System, Butlr and GP PRO will enable traffic-based cleaning as a means to increase hygiene while enabling labor savings.

Butlr GP PRO Restroom-Maintenance Solution Butlr Heatic Sensor“Butlr is proud to be cooperating with GP PRO and its innovative KOLO™ Smart Monitoring System. Gone should be the days of schedule-based cleaning. Butlr’s real-time traffic insights will allow users of GP PRO’s KOLO system to achieve a better customer experience while realizing labor and environmental impact savings,” said Honghao Deng, founder and CEO of Butlr.

“Butlr demonstrated a great deal of insight in developing its Heatic platform as a way for facility managers to address several critical implications from COVID-19,” said John Strom, vice president and general manager of connected solutions with GP PRO. “When deployed in combination with our KOLO system, there’s no doubt in my mind that customers will achieve a new level of operational efficiency and hygiene. In tandem, these two technologies have the potential to dramatically and positively impact facility management.”

The marketing partnership between Butlr and GP PRO, through which each company will reference the other in appropriate customer conversations, will help drive market awareness of each brand’s sensing and monitoring capabilities and promote the benefits to be gained by deploying both as a restroom-maintenance solution.

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