Sustainability On Display: See These Green Roofs And Other Natural Features

These products for green roofs and natural features will support your organization's facility management-related sustainability efforts.

Compiled by Facility Executive Staff
From the June 2024 Issue


This selection of products for green roofs and natural features will support your organization’s facility management-related sustainability efforts.

Natural FeaturesBee Hotels
By The Best Bees Company

The Best Bees Company’s Bee hotels are the insect equivalent of a birdhouse. These wooden structures serve as a nesting habitat for various species of solitary bees. The bee hotel is made of natural wood panels with deep, drilled holes forming the cavities for nesting. The hotel itself is elevated to eye-level on a wooden post. At the base of the post is a garden container, so clients can provide the native pollinators with an easy and convenient food source. Some of the benefits of these hotels include contributing to an environment’s biodiversity levels; contributing to data tracking of native bee health and population levels; and is a tangible sustainability initiative.

Natural FeaturesVertical Garden Installation
By Garden on the Wall

Garden on the Wall (GOTW) unveiled a garden installation at the Nashville International Airport (BNA) in Nashville, Tennessee, which spans 105-ft. in length on each side of the security screening lanes. The intricate design of the gardens’ preserved flora tells a story unique to Nashville and its airport, showcasing the Korean Veterans Memorial Bridge and the Natchez Trace Parkway Bridge, while also weaving in sound motifs of the music of Nashville and abstract representations of rivers and the rolling hills and valleys surrounding the city. With biodiverse species in varying hues, layers, and textures, these expansive gardens comprise a wholly sustainable, all-natural installation from project takeoff to landing, requiring no maintenance along the way, nor any carbon offset. The Installations are created using all natural preserved plants. To begin the preservation process, plant and flower foliage is harvested at its peak to attain maximum vibrancy. Once harvested, a non-toxic, plant-based, and biodegradable preservation liquid is used to replace the plant sap. These long-lasting, maintenance-free gardens require no water, misting or irrigation, no light and no soil, but retain a vibrant, fresh-cut look and feel for seven to 10 years.

Green RoofsGacoFlex LM60
By Gaco

Gaco’s GacoFlex LM60 is a cold-applied, one-coat, monolithic waterproofing membrane for various surfaces, including the underlayment for vegetative roofs. A 100% polyurethane, solvent-free, liquid-applied, two-component coating, GacoFlex LM60 is easy to use—requiring a single application with a squeegee, trowel, spray or brush. Since the LM60 polyurethane waterproof coating is NSF P151 Certified, it is safe for biodiversity and won’t impart contaminants into the water draining from a garden roof.

Natural FeaturesGrowPro System
By Habitat Horticulture

GrowPro system was born out of the need to meet national fire safety codes and provide a system that can handle extreme wind and temperature conditions at 300 ft. Aside from the irrigation tubing and the plants themselves, the GrowPro system is made of a non-combustible assembly, giving it the highest possible fire resistance.


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