New Product Flash: Gumwand from Gumwand, Inc.

Designed for use indoors and outside, the Gumwand is a system designed to aid in the task of gum removal from a variety of common surfaces. Featuring an LPG canister, a built in reservoir for the cleaning solution, a rechargeable lithium battery, and a pump, Gumwand is effective on sidewalks, pavement, tarmac, carpet, and tile. For use on colored surfaces. such as tennis courts or running tracks, spot testing is recommended.logo-new-product-flash-icon

The battery on Gumwand powers the pump, which injects cleaning fluid into the vaporizer at a rate around three milliliters per second. The LPG powers a built-in heating unit. The battery lasts for more than 36 hours of continual use and can be recharged in about two hours. Each canister lasts approximately five to six hours.

GumwandpicGumwand is maneuvered on wheels to reduce strain on the user. A nylon brush is available for indoor use on carpets and tiles. The proprietary Gumwand cleaning solution is based on an organic sugar beet that is formulated to create an environmentally friendly detergent. The solution is PH neutral. Upon contact, the solution transforms discarded gum into powder. The residue can be swept away or vacuumed.