Hager Powered By SALTO Offers Keyless Entry Solutions

Hager Companies Joins SALTO Systems for Access Control Alliance

Hager® Companies has aligned with SALTO Systems for more security options. Hager powered by SALTO offers keyless entry solutions ranging from stand-alone, to data-on-card with online and offline access points, to real-time control and updates.

keyless entry“We are thrilled to provide customers with a robust, customizable, and value-driven access control locking system,” said William Shockley, Group Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Hager Companies. “Whether you need a solution for several openings or for 65,000, Hager powered by SALTO provides our customers with a single source solution for their access control needs.”

The Hager powered by SALTO HS4 platform is a suite of modular access control products that give end users, developers, installers, distributors, and architects the freedom to design systems that meet their needs. With tools such as audit trails, credential/access rights management, and opening modes, Hager powered by SALTO provides security solutions that meet the requirements of most facility types.

The design of the HS4 platforms provides access control solutions that encompass the entire building, both interior and exterior. The economic viability of the HS4 system extends these solutions to cabinets, lockers, and even padlocks giving system administrators, facility managers, building owners, and other end-users not only operational and security benefits, but a better user experience as well. All communications are encrypted and transmitted on closed networks. Credentials are available in many formats, including key cards, key fobs, bracelets, and Bluetooth enabled devices.

The structure and flexibility of the HS4 system creates many benefits over traditional solutions:

  • Enhance productivity by issuing staff specific access rights to specific openings for keyless entry and track their activity through audit trails, transfer selected data to synchronized third party human resources databases, track contractor activity, etc.
  • On-the-fly changes to user access rights, blacklists, door, and lock programming, etc.
  • Smart battery management – HS4 provides alerts before the batteries are dead and since the data is mostly stored on the card or transmitted through the encrypted network infrastructure, each door lock requires three AA batteries compared to the other leading systems that may require up to eight batteries

“The name ‘salto’ translates to ‘jump’ in English, which is very fitting for the partnership between SALTO and Hager,” said Bill Wood, President of SALTO Systems U.S.A. “Due to exceptional products and service, Hager has produced multi-generational relationships with its customers that have cultivated a strong distribution network. We’re proud to partner with Hager to bring a world class access control system that is simple to use and extremely efficient to the Contract Hardware Distributor channel.”

Due to its scalability and compatibility with other systems, the Hager powered by SALTO platform adapts to keep pace with evolving requirements and can accommodate a wide variety of industries, including multi-family, assisted living, education, healthcare, retail, commercial, leisure and entertainment, transportation, and government.


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