Handcrafted Natural Rugs Design Partnership

The Nanimarquina Collection by Coalesse is a line of handcrafted indoor and outdoor rugs

Coalesse formed a design collaboration with Spanish rug company nanimarquina to launch the Nanimarquina Collection for Coalesse—a line of handcrafted natural rugs for indoor and outdoor use.

handcrafted natural rugs

“With an increase in open spaces and hard floor surfaces, rugs are becoming an increasingly important design element to help ground today’s work settings by forming natural boundaries while absorbing sound,” says Lew Epstein, General Manager for Coalesse. “The Nanimarquina Collection for Coalesse will bring a greater sense of warmth, vitality, and soul, as well as visual and physical comfort to the workplace.”

handcrafted natural rugs

The indoor handcrafted natural rugs feature premium 100% new wool in hand-tufted and hand-loomed dhurrie constructions. The outdoor rugs combine ancestral weaving techniques with a recycled PET fiber that replaces natural fibers for weather-resistant outdoor use, while retaining the look, feel, and woven detail of fine indoor rugs.

The Nanimarquina Collection for Coalesse includes six patterns (Strokes, Shadows, Basket, and Patch for indoors and Diagonal and Mesh for outdoors), each in five color variations and three sizes (6′ x 9′, 8′ x 10′, and 9′ x 13′). Pattern families work together in single or mixed combinations to cover large spaces.

  • Strokes (hand-tufted in 100% new wool) features minimal, interlacing linework adapted from a set of hand-drawn, sequenced marks over solid color fields. Varied patterns form a family of gestural rugs that can be combined for large areas. The linear designs share coordinating tonal, neutral colorations.
  • Shadows (hand-tufted in 100% new wool) is inspired by the shadows cast by plant foliage—an organic pattern emerges that moves irregularly across the rugs.
  • Basket (hand-tufted in 100% new wool) is reminiscent of looking closely at light passing through a woven basket. Enlarged and slightly faded for a more abstract geometric field, the design explores dark and light natural color combinations.
  • Patch is a modern take on the traditional dhurrie and made of patch-like panels that have been individually dyed, hand-loomed, and sewn together by hand. The fringing is complete on some borders, and playfully placed on others for graphic impact. It features hand-loomed flat-weave dhurrie construction, crafted from 100% hand-spun New Zealand wool, to give the rugs a distinctive variegated color.
  • Diagonal (hand-loomed flat-weave dhurrie construction in 100% recycled PET) is a classic twill weave enlarged into a diagonal-textured pattern with wide borders colored in coordinating shades for bolder visual interest. For outdoor use, the five color combinations reference soft botanical and earth tones.
  • Mesh (hand-loomed flat-weave dhurrie construction in 100% recycled PET) is reminiscent of bamboo matting and other natural banded weaves. This design combines two different PET fiber weights to create varying textures in a unique dimension of the weaving across both warp and weft. Mesh outdoor rugs include two patterns in five banded and color-blocked combinations, across a range of subtle colorways.

The Nanimarquina Collection for Coalesse is exclusively made in India, in association with Care & Fair, a nonprofit organization that supports local artisans and their families through education and access to healthcare.

“At nanimarquina, we make tradition contemporary. Our rugs are modern in styling, yet our designs and motifs reflect different cultures and ancient weaving techniques,” says Nani Marquina. “Working with Coalesse was a natural process, resulting in craft at its finest.”