Harper Turf TV35 Vacuum Sweeper

Promotes timesaving and economical features with minimal dust and without disturbing those nearby

The TV35 from Harper Turf Equipment is a self-propelled turf vacuum sweeper. Clean and quiet, the redesigned product promotes timesaving and economical features such as a new cooling system, ergonomic operator station, and smooth foot-pedal operation.vacuum sweeper

The TV35 has a self-contained, four-wheel configuration with front steering, two rear drive wheels, and a rear mounted, high-lift, debris hopper with patented Recirculating Vacuum Air Technology. Harper Turf’s patented Recirculating Air Technology minimizes dust while the TV35 verti-cuts, sweeps, and vacuums soiled areas across a 60″ path. It is maneuverable and effective on all surface types. The lift rises 6’4″ above the ground to dump debris into a vehicle or container. An Inclinometer Sensor with lift interlock prevents the hopper from lifting if the machine is on a slope greater than 5°.

The most noticeable change in the TV35 is the remote mounted radiator and oil cooler for improved temperature control. The hydraulic powered cooling fan can be reversed to blow debris off the screen. When it’s time to service the machine, the screen easily removes for deep cleaning.

The operator station layout addresses performance and well-being through the ergonomic control placement and convenient adjustments. Controls for the unit moved to the right of the operator, translating into greater productivity and increased visibility. The new, fully adjustable suspension seat reduces driver discomfort and improves posture. Brake release tools and cylinder stops can be conveniently stored in the operator station’s toolbox.

A manually controlled hydrostatic foot pedal provides a wide speed selection for comfort and convenience. This feather-step feature allows operators to keep both hands on the steering wheel while adjusting ground speed and direction. The system increases pedal feedback, improving control and performance.

The more accessible Kubota engine is available in diesel or gasoline models. Expect clean and powerful performance from the Tier IV Interim turbocharged diesel engine. This compact, 4-cylinder engine combines clean and quiet power at 44 HP. The spark ignited gas engine mirrors Kubota’s diesel line. At 49 HP, this spark ignited feature saves money and completes the job faster.

The TV35 includes a Certified ROPS and seatbelt, fold away rear view side mirrors, and a solid state max grade detection system for dump circuit. Optional equipment includes a hopper extension, curb brush, headlights and taillights, remote hose attachment, sun shade canopy, and backup camera. The vacuum sweeper measures 12′ long x 7.58′ H x 5.66′ W with a 7′ wheelbase and weighs 5,220 pounds.