Healthcare Pros See Technology As Infection Control Tool

Healthcare staff find introducing technology to their facility has improved hygiene compliance and infection control.

There is a correlation between technology adoption and hygiene compliance in the eyes of healthcare workers, according to a new study from Tork, an Essity brand. According to the survey results, healthcare professionals believe introducing new technology such as hand hygiene monitoring systems can play an important role in hygiene compliance and infection control across healthcare facilities.

infection control
(Credit: Medioimages/Photodisc)

The survey revealed that 95 percent of healthcare staff consider it important for facilities to use the most up-to-date technology to mitigate infection, and 68 percent of workers acknowledged that introducing technology to their facilities has helped improve hygiene compliance. However, despite these responses, 40 percent do not see their facility making a conscious effort to introduce new technology to address hygiene compliance and cleaning protocol.

Why? The most common barriers healthcare staff see to introducing new technology are a lack of financial resources (35%) and a lack of training and education (32%).

These barriers, however, may pale in comparison to the nuanced needs of today’s healthcare facilities. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), hand hygiene remains the single most important strategy in mitigating the spread of health care-associated infections in healthcare facilities. Staff are increasingly looking to modern technology as a way to advance operational efficiencies and address hygiene compliance.

Connected devices like the Tork EasyCube® Facility Management System for data-driven cleaning utilizes Internet of Things (IoT) technology to provide real-time, actionable data from people counters and connected dispensers to keep facility managers and cleaners informed about cleaning status and provide insights into usage and traffic trends. On average, Tork EasyCube reduces cleaning rounds by 24% and cleaning hours by 20%, and yields a 30% increase in customer satisfaction.¹ Simple, innovative technology solutions like Tork EasyCube can help managers clean more efficiently, enabling facilities to exercise greater control over their environment.

“Healthcare workers carry a great amount of responsibility, protecting the health of patients on a daily basis,” said Tom Bergin, Marketing Director for Essity Professional Hygiene, North America. “Introducing new technology and modernizing our facilities can play a critical role in supporting their efforts to maintain safe environments and ultimately, deliver an elevated patient experience.”

¹ Essity, May 2016