Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC)

These Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) products can help facility managers create a healthy, comfortable, and safe environment for building occupants.

Compiled by the Facility Executive Staff
From the June 2022 Issue

This assortment of HVAC products can help facility managers create a healthy, comfortable, and safe environment for building occupants.

FTX 1.0 Fire-Tube Boiler by Lochinvar

HVAC productsLochinvar added the FTX 1.0 to its line of fire-tube boilers. The FTX 1.0 fits neatly into mechanical rooms with limited space while offering a higher input of 999,000 Btu/hr.

The filter system collects debris from combustion make-up air, potentially extending the time between burner and heat exchanger cleanings, ultimately saving facility managers money.

The unit’s 7-inch LCD touchscreen display makes it easier for contractors to adjust parameters and provides access to remote connectivity capabilities for improved ease of installation.

Improvements from previous models also include a 10:1 turndown ratio and a thermal efficiency rate of up to 98.3%. FTX 1.0 also features an updated look, with a new front bezel.

Lochinvar’s fire-tube boilers have a stainless-steel fire tube heat exchanger that allows them to operate over a wide range of flow rates with minimal low-pressure drops and makes the units more flexible at handling frequent fluctuations in the system flow rate.

Heat2O® by Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US

Green HVACMitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US (METUS) announced Heat2O, an all-electric domestic hot water heating system designed to improve sustainability and reduce energy consumption in multifamily buildings and large-scale commercial facilities.

The Heat2O heat pump water heater reduces the environmental impact of domestic hot water (DHW) through energy-efficient operation while using CO2, a natural and environmentally friendly refrigerant. Able to produce high volume DHW without fossil fuels, Heat2O can help offices, hotels, educational institutions, and other commercial facilities qualify for sustainability certifications or achieve zero-energy and passive house status.

Heat2O can provide over four times more energy as heat than the system consumes in electricity. The heating system can operate at high capacity even in cold climates such as climate zones 5 and 6.

Heat2O heat pump water heater is capable of operating at three capacities: 136,485 BTU/H (40 kW), 170,607 BTU/H (50 kW), and 204,728 BTU/H (60 kW). Heat2O is an engineered solution with comprehensive technical support.

Soluva Air F by Heraeus Noblelight

HVAC products

Heraeus Noblelight’s Soluva Air F is an in-room UV-C (UVGI) air purification device designed to disinfect room air. Both OSHA and CDC recommend UV-C disinfection technology as an effective and safe engineering control for fighting airborne viruses. UV-C light improves indoor air quality by providing an additional layer of protection that doesn’t rely on human behaviors.

The air purifier uses UV-C light to effectively clean indoor air of bacteria and other pathogens. With its high air flow rate and strong UV-C lamps, it provides fast, reliable protection with a tested virus reduction of 99.99%. The Soluva Air F continuously circulates the room air through the unit to provide faster air changes per hour.

The in-room device is simple to use, either mounted on a wall or placed anywhere in a room using the mobile stand, and plugs into any wall outlet.

Soluva Air F works completely without chemicals, produces no harmful by-products, and operates without filters.