HeiTel XOh by Xtralis

The HeiTel XOh (Xtralis Operating System HeiTel) is a remotely programmable SecurityPlus operating system for Remotely Managed Multi-service Gateways (RMGs). The firmware expands the capabilities of the RMG portfolio to deliver intrusion detection analytics and facility management. It offers full downward compatibility with all existing HeiTel control room applications.

analyticsDepending upon the RMG platform selected, HeiTel XOh supports up to 10 IP camera channels (at up to 2MP/25 FPS), up to 10 analog channels, and up to eight channels of video analytics on the same system. It features 360° panoramic camera integration and dewarping, unbreakable transmission, optimized storage management (HThealth Check), and power outage detection with automatic reboot. XOh also supports IntrusionTrace, an intrusion detection analytic for sterile zone monitoring.

XOh software runs exclusively on the HeiTel CamDisc E, CamDisc+ E, and ipVG RMGs with seamless connectivity to external detectors. It is a suitable choice for central monitoring stations (CMS) and end-users supplying remote monitoring and rapid response across a range of markets, including utilities, retail, banking, and car dealerships.

HeiTel XOh provides mobile video streaming capabilities for applications ranging from transport and vehicle monitoring to body worn vests. GPS tracking (e.g., geofencing and speed control), shock resistance, and heating options are offered for mobile applications, as are 2G, 3G, and 4G transmissions.This gives first responders live video feedback, and situational awareness to command and control centers.

A single CamDisc+ E running XOh can stream 10 IP/analog cameras for remote monitoring while simultaneously running IntrusionTrace video analytics available on up to four of those channels. A compact CamDisc E RMG offers up to four channels of streaming video while simultaneously running up to four IntrusionTrace analytics. The HeiTel ipVG is an all-IP solution supporting 10 IP cameras while simultaneously running eight analytics on the box. All of the solutions offer a remotely programmable “pay-as-you-go” approach deployed using Xtralis Xchange, an online licensing portal.