Helix Armour Redundant Power

LifeSafety Power’s UL-listed solution maximizes operational efficiencies, reduces costs, and minimizes risk

Helix Armour™ from LifeSafety Power® Inc., manufacturer and creator of intelligent power solutions, delivers critical resiliency, redundancy, and networking capabilities. This family of redundant power management solutions is designed for seamless failover protection with automatic backup switchover of AC or DC circuitry to reduce the risk of system downtime or outage. It offers reliability and network power management for mission critical physical security and life safety applications.redundant power

Helix Armour maximizes operational efficiencies while reducing costs and minimizing risks. It minimizes the risk of failures that could compromise system integrity by providing both AC and DC redundancy in the event of problems with the power supply or incoming AC power. Featuring network management, it provides predictive network reporting that optimizes and maintains the highest levels of performance and connectivity to critical applications and devices.

Monitors separate AC branch circuits reporting trouble with a primary branch and instantly transfer power to backup for uninterrupted system operations in critical access control or security systems, as well as banking, gaming, pharmaceutical, Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF), and data room servers.

Redundant power and mirrored power supplies also monitor and report DC integrity. In the event of a power system failure, the solution transfers to the secondary power supply without dropouts or voltage spikes. HELIX DC eliminates all guesswork by automatically testing, analyzing, and reporting battery holdup time, so dead or degraded batteries never compromise system uptime again.

Helix Armour has LifeSafety Power’s patented NetLink® networking technology at its core to detect and report system wide anomalies or power trouble across the enterprise so critical infrastructures stay properly secured.

With multiple Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listings and certifications, Helix architecture is especially designed for mission critical applications in government, finance, medical, and high-tech industry vertical markets.

“Helix Armour brings the highest levels of redundancy, reliability, and networking management to power services across even the most highly regulated and mission critical enterprises,” said Guang Liu, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of LifeSafety Power. “The ability to provide both AC and DC redundancy, in a proactive, real-time manner and with zero latency and automatic switchover in the event of a power anomaly establishes Helix Armour as a true total assurance solution for end-users in the most challenging markets and environments.”

Helix Armour is part of LifeSafety Power’s expanding patented, modularly designed technologies made in the USA and is available in wall or rack mount configurations.