Helix Low-Rise Adhesive

Mule-Hide Products’ odorless and solvent-free polyurethane foam adhesive

Helix® Low-Rise Adhesive from Mule-Hide Products Co. is a two-component, construction-grade, polyurethane foam adhesive. Applied in one step, it provides quick, clean, adhesion of approved roof insulations, thermal barriers, cover boards and fleece-backed single-ply membranes to a wide variety of acceptable roofing substrates.low-rise adhesive

Both parts of the low-rise adhesive are ready to use from the container—no mixing is required. They are applied simultaneously in a 1:1 ratio through a static mix tip. Helix is applied in continuous ribbons or beads spaced 4″, 6″, or 12″ apart, depending on the project and code requirements. There is no overspray. The adhesive cures fully in just minutes. Outdoor temperature must be 40°F and rising for 48 hours.

low-rise adhesiveHelix Low-Rise Adhesive is odorless and solvent-free and contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), or hydro chlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs). It eliminates the need for mechanical fasteners, maintaining a puncture-free vapor retarder, preventing thermal bridging and protecting the structural integrity of the roof deck.

The strong bond created by Helix Low-Rise Adhesive also helps roofing systems stand up to Mother Nature. It provides wind uplift resistance, allowing it to be used on taller buildings and buildings in higher wind zones. In addition, it provides hail resistance when used as an adhesive for fleece-backed membranes.

low-rise adhesiveHelix Low-Rise Adhesive comes in cartridge twin-pack tubes or two-tank sets. Both include one container of each of the adhesive¹s two components—Part A and Part B. Cartridge twin-packs cover approximately 200 square feet to 600 square feet of roof, and tank sets cover approximately 1,000 square feet to 3,000 square feet of roof, depending on bead spacing.

The cartridges fit most dispensing guns currently available on the market. Tank sets come with a Helix Gun Assembly (25′ dual-hose with attached spray gun), petroleum packet, wrench, and 10 Tank Static Mix Tips. No specialty pumps or spray rigs are needed. No external power source is required to run application equipment, minimizing noise disruptions for building occupants and neighbors.