Helping Facilities Maintain Resiliency During Storm Season

PowerSecure, the nation’s leading microgrid developer, helps businesses and their communities thrive before, during and after the storm.

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PowerSourcePowerSecure, the nation’s leading microgrid developer, is an expert in all distributed energy resources. Our team of experts has developed, installed, managed and serviced more than 2 Gigawatts of microgrid capacity over the past 20+ years, as well as implemented over $800 million of energy efficiency upgrades. We are the only microgrid developer to take a 360 lifecycle approach through design, production and management, delivering resilient, ultra clean, highly reliable energy with our Tier 4 Final Volvo Penta renewable fuel ready engines at the best possible value, while continuing to expand and develop sustainable energy innovations. We make energy an asset – helping businesses and their communities thrive before, during, and after the storm.

As Hurricane Ian made landfall in Florida on Wednesday, Sept. 28 as a powerful Category 4 storm, the PowerSecure team was mobilizing assets and resources to support our clients.

As it hit the southwest coast, maximum sustained winds were around 150 mph, and more than 2 million customers were without power in the state. PowerSecure’s nationwide service network, which provides emergency response services wherever our customer resides, is critical in response to storm recovery. The PowerSecure team began storm mode preparations over a week in advance of the storm’s landfall, and crews were dispatched to assist in the response process for Hurricane Ian.

“Our monitoring team began extra testing of all microgrid systems in all of Florida, the Gulf coast and along the entire U.S. east coast to prepare no matter what direction the storm would take,” said Debra Phipps, director of PowerControl.

PowerSource microgridThis preparation involved testing well over a thousand individual locations. Any alarms or issues were identified and immediately reported to our service department for dispatch. All fuel levels were verified and any microgrid without a full tank was scheduled for a fuel fill well in advance of the storm.

As the storm approached and the path began to narrow, we continued additional testing and confirmed tank levels were full, confirming our scheduled deliveries had been made.

“Well in advance of landfall, our team begins working 12 hours shifts around the clock to ensure enough staff to handle the workload,” Phipps said. “We carefully monitor the storm’s approach, landfall and aftermath. During Hurricane Ian, our monitoring team managed nearly 700 individual utility power outage events and assured the facility working properly on our PowerSecure monitored microgrids.”

The team stages emergency fuel supplied safely approximately 24 hours before expected landfall so there are resources to direct hard hit areas since local suppliers will be impacted and not able to provide fueling services.

“I consider all on our monitoring team heroes,” said Phipps. “They all go over and above expectations during every storm.”

“As with any natural disaster, this is where our teams jump to action,” said Jon Simmons, vice president of PowerSecure Service. “We have our team involved in storm recovery daily, and we are hearing about many displays of heroism including above-and-beyond action from our PowerSecure family.”

PowerSource microgridHow We’ve Helped Facilities Stay Resilient: Before, During & After the Storm

  • Facilities assisted during the storm included mainly retail locations, in addition to hospitals, other medical facilities, a university, manufacturing facilities, among others.
  • One of our hospitals operating on our monitored microgrid was one of the few hospitals in the area with both backup microgrid power and clean drinking water. For a time, it was the only hospital in the immediate area able to take new patients, and many patients were transported to this hospital from other locations to be cared for.   

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