H&I Agritech’s GreenCure Fungicide

Non-toxic, potassium bicarbonate-based sprayable fungicide

GreenCure® from H&I Agritech, Inc. is a potassium bicarbonate-based contact foliar fungicide. This non-toxic chemical in the form of an odorless spray controls a variety of diseases on indoor and outdoor woody and herbaceous ornamental plants, greenhouse plants, herbs and vegetables, garden plants, and turf. It can be used for indoor and hydroponic gardening and is also OMRI listed and registered for organic production with the USDA’s National Organic Program (NOP).

GreenCure’s active ingredient, potassium bicarbonate, is a naturally occurring compound that is widely used in food. Its base, potassium, is an integral part of humans, animals, plants, and virtually all living organisms. Sodium bicarbonate and potassium bicarbonate are commonly used compounds generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by the U.S. FDA.

GreenCure is effective against powdery mildew on roses and other ornamentals and can be used in the garden to prevent or cure powdery mildew on tomatoes, pumkins, cucumbers, grapes, apples, herbs, and more. It also kills a variety of other plant diseases–including Alternaria Blight, Anthracnose, Botrytis Grey Mold, Downy Mildew, Diplodia Tip Spot, Fusarium, Rose Black Spot, and Scab– with up to two weeks of residual protection.

fungicideGreenCure uses several modes of action against mildew. One of which is causing spores and tubes to suffer immediate and rapid water loss, thereby effectively killing the fungus. Once destroyed, the residual spore material often sloughs off or washes away.

GreenCure fully dissolves in water and is sprayed on leaves, flowers, stems, and branches. The patented formula contains just the right amount of potassium bicarbonate and surfactants so that there is no residue. It sprays on evenly and dries quickly and clean, sticking to plant surfaces without restricting plant growth. Fruits and vegetables can be harvested within one hour of spraying.fungicide

GreenCure is sold as a dry, white powder. An 8 ounce container makes up to 16 gallons of solution when mixed with water. This is enough to cover approximately 7,200 square feet with adequate coverage. The fungicide does not accumulate in soil and is compatible with many beneficial insects.

GreenCure® EZ is also available and is a pre-mixed, ready-to-use GreenCure formula in a 72 ounce bottle. It features an easy carry handle and extendable sprayer that sprays in all directions.