HID Citizen ID System

HID goID extended to provide government agencies with end-to-end solution for adopting mobile citizen IDs

HID Global® announced that its HID goID™ solution has been extended to provide an end-to-end system for deploying and managing a mobile citizen ID program. From issuance through verification, it is backed by the same security standards for data, communication, and privacy protection that are used in today’s physical electronic ID (eID) programs.citizen id

“This is a major step in delivering the full value of our goID solution, as we extend its capabilities for provisioning, updating, and revoking mobile IDs to include the full range of citizen ID program functionality,” said Jessica Westerouen van Meeteren, Vice President and Managing Director, Citizen ID with HID Global. “Governments now have everything they need to move to a fully mobile society, including support for integrating HID goID with existing issuance systems, developing a citizen app, and ensuring compliance with international standards for digital credentials.”

Key HID goID solution components include an issuance system, utilizing HID Global’s Integrale™ modular software suite for the management of physical and mobile IDs; a gateway for mobile ID provisioning which can be managed locally by governments or offered as a service; and a software development kit (SDK) for the development of the citizen app to meet local requirements. HID Global also provides support and training for the creation and deployment of the citizen app and verification solutions.

HID goID includes off-the-shelf data structures enabling governments to issue mobile Passports that will help comply with digital travel credentials currently being developed by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and to issue mobile driver’s licenses that will help promote compliance with ISO18013-5 specifications being developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

The solution enables countries to move from paper or electronic documents to mobile IDs, streamlining proof of identity issuance through over-the-air provisioning directly to citizens’ phones. It protects privacy with end-to-end encryption and four layers of fraud-fighting security mechanisms. Additionally, citizens can control what verification data they share, and with whom. Post-issuance technologies keep mobile IDs current and trustable, and verification can be performed from distances up to 66′.

HID goID also enables issuing authorities to add other government agencies and authorized private-sector entities into its ecosystem.