HID Condition Monitoring Solution

Helps smart facilities achieve AI-based maintenance to monitor the health and performance of assets

HID Global® announced it has dramatically elevated the machine learning capabilities in its HID Condition Monitoring solution through high-bandwidth vibration sensors that help manufacturing facilities employ AI-based technology to monitor the health and performance of motors, rotating equipment, and other assets. The cost-effective solution makes it possible for plant managers to extend their predictive maintenance strategies to all factory assets that, until now, have typically been vulnerable to unexpected downtime and repairs.condition monitoring

HID Condition Monitoring, enabled by Bluvision™, features BEEKs™ Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons for on/off detection, duty cycles, temperature, and vibration monitoring. Their enhanced measurement, edge computing, and machine learning capabilities use high-speed vibration trend analytics and cloud-based AI to learn baseline pre-deployment behaviors to generate a model of normal activity. In addition to triggering real-time alerts immediately upon detecting a change in status, this data enables facilities to better establish proactive maintenance, inspection, and operation strategies and drives more informed decision making.

“Our low-cost condition monitoring solution offers real-time, continuous visibility into the operating behavior of machines that were previously unmonitored due to cost restrictions, making it possible for smart manufacturing plants to address downtime beyond critical and semi-critical equipment,” said Brad Hopkins, Director of Condition Monitoring Product Management, HID Global. “Together with AI-driven cloud analytics, plant managers can now use historical trends and notifications to enhance their predictive maintenance approach throughout the entire factory or fleet, which helps reduce unplanned downtime across the board.”

HID Condition Monitoring integrates low-powered sensors into a wireless communication platform with cloud analytics to offer the lowest cost, end-to-end solution for plant managers to monitor the health and performance of multiple fleet assets and continuously collect data on rotating machinery. It does not require wired infrastructure, servers, or antennas, and information is easily collected and interpreted for easy integration into inspections, maintenance and operations practices. The BLE beacons include a vibration sensor with10-times the bandwidth, raw data streaming option at higher rate, and a higher maximum operating temperature of 185°F.

HID Condition Monitoring for Smarter Operations

  • Installed in 15 facilities at global consumer goods manufacturer to integrate deep vibration analysis with programmable logic controller and computerized maintenance management system data to make better maintenance decisions.
  • Major airports in the United States and Europe are using HID Condition Monitoring at baggage claim carousels, escalators, and other “people mover” systems to reduce gate-to-curb times, while driving more predictive maintenance models.
  • One of the world’s largest steel manufacturers uses HID’s solution to monitor temperature and vibration on motors in a 158°F to 176°F environment. This enhances their predictive maintenance strategy and helps reduce the unplanned downtime of their equipment, which is responsible for an annual crude capacity of 25.3 million tons.

John Sailer, Chief Operating Officer of Bluvision added, “the combination of the beacon’s sophisticated features and our cloud processing engine enables companies to address real problems in a very different manner than traditional solutions that are predicated on manual machine monitoring and planned maintenance strategies. Instead, our AI-driven condition monitoring solution provides a quick and easy way for these companies to gather and monitor actionable data needed for predictive maintenance programs, while also moving toward Industry 4.0 for smarter operations.”

In addition to a range of manufacturing use cases, HID Condition Monitoring is ideal for cold chain supply management, where temperature-sensitive products (such as food, medicines and vaccines) can be monitored throughout production, storage, and distribution. Major OEMs are also this to smart manufacturing plants across a variety of industries around the world.