Hilltip Tailgate-Mounted De-Icing Sprayers

The SprayStriker™ 65 TR and 90 UTV are designed for tractors, loaders, UTVs, and pickup tailgate

The SprayStriker™ 65 TR and 90 UTV systems from Hilltip are tailgate-mounted de-icing sprayers. Designed for compact tractors, loaders, and UTVs, the brine sprayers will allow smaller vehicles to take advantage of Hilltip’s SprayStriker technology when spraying pedestrian paths, walkways, and other hard-to-reach areas.

De-icing SprayersThe SprayStriker 65 TR and 90 UTV de-icing sprayers are powered by 7 GPM, 12V pumps designed for de-icing liquids. They feature high-quality polyethylene tanks and zinc-based, powder-coated mild steel bodies. For more options, they can be equipped with 40′ hose reels, in-cabin controlled side nozzles to increase spray width, and 2.6′, 4′, or 6.5′ spray bars.

An Android smartphone comes standard with the SprayStriker 65 TR and 90 UTV sprayers, preloaded with the Hilltip StrikeSmart™ app. Through the app, users can customize spreading sessions according to the situation. Automatic GPS speed control will adjust the liquid flow (gal/1,000 sq ft) based on vehicle speed, or users can manually set a fixed speed through the app. In addition, the app collects and saves essential spreading data for reports and allows for control of other functions, like beacon lights and side nozzles.

For maximum control and observation of an equipment fleet, all SprayStriker brine sprayers come standard with Hilltip’s exclusive HTrack™ tracking software. This allows for complete remote tracking and management of all sprayers from a computer, tablet, or smartphone. One can monitor treatment routes, vehicle speed, GPS location, and material usage in real-time. All this information can then be used to generate PDF reports for detailed documentation. In addition, the two-way GPRS communication channel allows application rates to be remotely set and adjusted for each customer’s site depending on weather conditions.

Additional accessory options include beacon warning lights, smartphone controller holders, and flat surface mount adaptors. Customers can also choose from additional mount types, including an EU tow/tailgate hitch mount; a bolted swing-away mount; 3-point category 0, 1, and 2 hitch mounts; height-adjustable wheel loader/forklift 1″ pin hitch mounts; and various other wheel loader, tool carrier, and forklift mounts.


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