Honeywell Debuts Carbon Energy Management Software

The company’s new innovation helps buildings measure progress on their sustainability goals, and optimize their carbon and energy footprints.


Photo by Honeywell

Honeywell’s new Carbon & Energy Management, a carbon energy management software, enables building owners to track and optimize energy performance against carbon reduction goals, down to a device or asset level. The software is the centerpiece of Honeywell’s new Sustainable Buildings solutions portfolio, which is ready to help building owners and operators meet two pressing objectives: reducing the environmental impact of buildings while optimizing indoor air quality to support occupant wellbeing, with the aim of helping them meet carbon neutral goals.

Leveraging the Honeywell Forge enterprise performance management software solution’s artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms, Carbon & Energy Management autonomously identifies and implements energy conservation measures to help drive efficiency, resiliency, and accountability throughout a real estate portfolio. It continuously investigates, analyzes, and optimizes building performance, down to an asset-specific level, measuring critical sustainability KPIs including carbon emissions.

Honeywell Carbon & Energy Management establishes an energy performance baseline using up to a three-year usage history, live meter data, and environmental factors to determine which assets are driving energy consumption. The enterprise-level Carbon & Energy Management software provides a real-time dashboard of critical sustainability KPIs; aggregates carbon data from energy-related emission sources in a building – gas, electricity and fuel sources; reduces energy consumption using advanced building control capabilities; and reduces carbon footprint without compromising occupant wellbeing or comfort.

The software continuously collects 24/7 energy use data, logged at 15-minute intervals, and submeters all energy-consuming assets to collect granular consumption information. The data allows Honeywell to help customers establish a rigorously derived baseline, provides a roadmap for carbon neutral, and helps customers to execute the roadmap to help meet their carbon neutral goals. The solution allows building owners to avoid capital outlays for technology upgrades to meet sustainability reporting demands and minimize the time required to implement solutions.

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