Honeywell Expands Video Product Line

Upgraded Performance Series NVRs and HQA, IP Cameras for Advanced Video Quality and Storage

Honeywell has expanded its Performance Series video product line with upgraded HQA (high quality analog) and IP cameras—including the line’s first IP PTZ camera—and Embedded NVRs. The enhanced products further expand Honeywell’s integrated turnkey video solution, which ensures more efficient, effective safety and security, reduces total cost of ownership, and reduces compliance and liability

The updates to the Performance Series portfolio can help lower storage costs by nearly 50% through more efficient storage options. The Embedded NVRs are equipped to hold up to 16TB of build-in-storage and feature H.265/H.264 smart codec support, which save bandwidth resources while decreasing storage capacity. Additional features include 4K camera support with face detection for higher quality video and surveillance at minimal bandwidth.

New HQA cameras in dome, bullet, and fisheye formats offer highest quality 4K imaging for improving security system efficiency and high-performance algorithms for reducing downtime risks and false alarms. The upgrade also features the Performance Series’ first IP PTZ camera that provides optimal coverage in higher resolution and detail, even in the most challenging environments. The combination of increased functionality and compatibility allows businesses to mix-and-match affordable solutions and gives them the flexibility to combine products that truly suit their security needs.

In addition, the Performance Series Embedded NVRs and HQA and IP Cameras integrate with I-View Now™ for video alarm verification and MAXPRO® Cloud access control software for access control and multi-site management, expanding Honeywell’s connected security as a service portfolio.

Video verification is the pairing of security system signals with video clips of what caused the alarm. I-View Now integrates security system signals, video sources, cloud applications, and internet-connected devices (IoT) into a cloud platform with the objective of giving end users, operators, and authorized emergency responders better information to prioritize their resources. MAXPRO Cloud is an integrated cloud-based security management system that provides real-time access control and video surveillance to any mobile device, enabling on-the-go management of single or multiple buildings.

Performance Series Embedded NVRs – 4-/8-/16 Channel
Performance Series HQA – 4K WDR IR Dome (CVI/SD)
Performance Series HQA – 4K WDR IR Bullet (CVI/SD)
Performance Series HQA – 4K WDR Fisheye Camera (CVI/SD)
Performance Series HQA – 1080P PIR Camera (CVI/SD)
Performance Series IP Camera – 4MP WDR IR PTZ