Honeywell ISC West 2019 Highlights

New security and fire solutions offer the latest software innovations, video advances, and flexible integrations

Honeywell will highlight its latest security and fire products at ISC West 2019 booth #12031 from April 10-12 in Las Vegas. Attendees can test and learn more about security and fire solutions with streamlined operational efficiency that provide automated control, real-time response, predictive analytics, and flexible integration to ultimately help reduce operational costs and increase revenue for end users.

“Safety and security are critical aspects of the connected building,” said Pete Lau, President, Honeywell Commercial Security. “We pair the latest advancements in hardware and software to provide customers with integrated security solutions that help keep people and places safe and secure. We are working to develop powerful, comprehensive security products that are easy to integrate and manage from anywhere.”

Honeywell’s integrated technologies demonstrate all aspects of its security and life safety systems in a single location, providing end users with a comprehensive picture for decision making. One of the technologies on display at ISC West 2019 is OmniAssure™ Touch, a new range of passive intent access control readers compatible with Honeywell’s existing security suites, including WINMAG, WIN-PAK, and Pro-Watch. Honeywell will also feature its first all-in-one Bi-Directional Amplifier (BDA) system, an emergency communication solution that minimizes response time under critical situations with full support across Honeywell’s family of life safety brands.

“Honeywell is highly focused on delivering life safety innovations that leverage connectivity to help create a smarter and safer world,” said Samir Jain, Product Marketing Leader, Honeywell Fire. “Our objective is to equip customers with life safety systems that provide the earliest detection, enable the fastest response as well as centralize decision making and management.”

ISC West 2019
OmniAssure Touch

Featured security technologies at ISC West 2019 include:

  • OmniAssure Touch, a range of access control readers that provide security against credential cloning and reader tampering, increase operator productivity when deploying mobile credentials, and is interoperable with a range of credential technologies and panel communication protocols. The passive intent access control readers help people get into an area faster—just with the touch of a finger—no swiping of a card or a phone is necessary.
  • MAXPRO® Network Video Recorders (NVR), an open, flexible and scalable IP video surveillance system that supports simultaneous recording, live monitoring, and search and system management for up to 128 IP cameras.
  • equIP® series cameras, a family of IP video security cameras that feature low-light capability, a simplified user experience, and quick installation for use in enterprise installations.
  • NDAA Compliant Cameras and Recorders, a complete line of NDAA-compliant cameras, recorders, viewers and mobile app with end-to-end video encryption.
  • ADPRO iFT Gateway, a low-cost IP video multi-service platform offering four IP channels of video transmission with the option to add ADPRO analytics and event recording via MicroSD card; the platform is suitable for small to medium business applications with full remote monitoring, command, and control from anywhere via the ADPRO mobile app, iTrace.

Featured fire technologies at ISC West 2019 include:

  • SWIFT® with Activation and Notification, is a complete Class A commercial wireless fire detection system that detects and responds to a fire like its wired counterparts while providing installation flexibility in a wireless format.
  • OSI-R Reflective Smoke Imaging Beam Detector, designed specifically for large, open spaces that pose unique challenges to traditional fire detection due to environmental nature and limitations.
  • Bi-Directional Amplifier/ERCES (BDA), emergency communication system designed to enhance in-building radio frequency in challenging environments during crucial moments to ensure the safety of first responders and lives of those they rescue.
  • Unified Notification Platform (UNP), a mass notification ecosystem solution that enables the efficient sharing of important information during a critical situation by centralizing fragmented systems and processing them into one platform.
  • PS Series, a line of power supplies that adds more flexibility and variety for meeting installation and servicing requirements that is available through the Honeywell family of brands, including Fire-Lite, Silent Knight, Farenhyt™ Series, GW/FCI, and NOTIFIER.