How Does Facility Management Align With Millennial Career Goals?

Posted by Heidi Schwartz

Cutting edge technology and innovation are required for success in any business, and facility management (FM) is no exception. As facilities become more complex and technology driven, FM employees need to be comfortable working with innovations in technology.

Millennials and technology. Nearly six in 10 millennials say they believe innovation is fostered and learned—not random or spontaneous. Millennials identify working with advanced technology and getting exposure to innovation as key factors they look for when choosing a career.

Clearly, this sector of the population seems to have the right mentality and skills to help meet the relentless advancement of building technology with the right training. Millennials are accustomed to the fast paced nature of technical change and want to be part of a work environment that allows them to showcase those skills.

As the success of facilities becomes increasingly tied to technology and innovation, having an infrastructure and team that is comfortable with new technology will be essential. This report from JLL gives established professionals insight into attracting the right kind of staff, including high performing millennials, who can ensure future success of the FM department.

Entitled Millennial Interest in Facilities Management, this report examines how to train talent for technology driven facilities. Written by corporate real estate consultant Richard Kadzis, corporate real estate consultant, the paper is available as a PDF download from this link.