Humidity & Temperature Measurement Data Service

Vaisala Jade Smart Cloud enables users to make better decisions, saving time and money

Vaisala Jade Smart Cloud is a cloud-based data service for monitoring measurement parameters such as humidity and temperature. It uses proprietary LoRa-based radio protocol for gap-free measurement data saved tamper-proof in the cloud with end to end encryption.measurement data

“We are delighted to have the Jade Smart Cloud available for our North American customers as this new system can bring operational cost savings and convenience to their business. It enables better decision-making based on accurate, world-class humidity and temperature measurement data,” says Gerald Ducharme, Vice President of Vaisala’s Industrial Measurements in the Americas.

The Jade Smart Cloud solution is designed for professionals who want to access measurement data anywhere, at any time. All data can be accessed remotely through a mobile device, such as a mobile phone or tablet, as well as on a PC or laptop.

Online measurement trend monitoring enables better decisions which translate to saving money and time. This wireless monitoring service is suitable for museums and other public buildings, concrete moisture measurement on construction sites, water restoration from water damage sites, data centers, cleanrooms, livestock facilities, and laboratories.

“Measuring the trend gives a better understanding of the process conditions. For example, when installing flooring, it’s important to get the data from the drying process and know the accurate humidity level of the concrete base before placing the next layer. Basing the decisions on the reliable trend data can have a huge impact on the success of the project. Ultimately, it can lead to extensive cost savings,” comments Yani Bettencourt, heading Vaisala’s Industrial Instruments sales team in the Americas.

“With Jade Smart Cloud, humidity in floor surfacing applications can be monitored remotely from boreholes in the subfloor, rather than only from the surface. This can make a crucial difference on the actual humidity value and post-flooring results.”

The Jade Smart Cloud uses the same in-house developed measurement technology that was sent to Mars onboard Nasa’s Perseverance rover in July.

“The same humidity sensors have been operating on Mars since 2012, and now they were sent there again. It’s safe to say that as the humidity sensors work on Mars, they will work in your application on Earth as well,” Ducharme concludes.

The Jade Smart Cloud service consists of:

  • CWL100 data loggers with HMP63, HMP110, or HMP115 humidity probes to measure humidity and temperature.
  • one or more CA10 access points
  • a software license with access to the cloud to view the data the loggers save there

Calibration services are also provided. All users need is mains power, network access, and an Ethernet cable.

No device pairing needed, as devices are associated with a specific cloud account when they are purchased.


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