Hygiene360 Tackles Spread of Germs

This Ambius model focuses on safer spaces through air, surface, and hand hygiene solutions

Hygiene360 from Ambius is a suite of full-service solutions that tackle the spread of germs. The model focuses on healthy building strategies to minimize risk and improve long-term health and safety in a layered, 360° approach by tackling the three most common ways germs are spread: surface to person via contact with contaminated surfaces, air to person via airborne respiratory droplets, or person to person through direct contact.

spread of germs“On top of trying to get their businesses back open during this pandemic, business leaders are looking for ways to give their employees and customers the peace of mind that their health and safety are a top priority,” said John Myers, President and CEO of Rentokil, the parent company of Ambius. “Hygiene360 is the next frontier in workplace and customer experience, and it is our responsibility as leaders to provide an environment where people feel safe and confident. As there is no single solution that can tackle all germs, this full-service approach disrupts germs from spreading throughout commercial spaces.”

The Hygiene360 full circle solution for a hygienic space includes:

  • Surface Hygiene: The Ambius surface hygiene solution provides disinfection services to help prevent the spread of germs from surfaces to people. The professionally-performed disinfection service utilizes advanced liquid dispersal technology, which can treat large spaces quickly with EPA-registered, List N disinfectant. Viruses (such as the coronavirus), bacteria, and other pathogens can live on surfaces for days, and the Ambius surface hygiene solution can disinfect hard, non-porous surfaces and high-touch contact points. The service is safe, using a hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly formula, which allows for re-entry into the workspace 30 minutes after a zone is serviced.
  • Air Hygiene: The Ambius air hygiene solution has a multilayered filtration process, which includes a medical-grade HEPA13 filter to filter out 99.97% of harmful airborne contaminants, including COVID-10, mold, bacteria, and smoke. To ensure safe operation and continuously clean air, Ambius professionals will install, clean, and maintain air purifiers with monthly wellness checks, disinfection, and filter replacements. The freestanding unit produces low noise, at 34-55 decibels, and is as quiet as a home refrigerator. Indoor air can contain up to five times more pollutants than outdoor air, and with Americans spending up to 90% of their time indoors, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of air hygiene is vital.
  • Hand Hygiene: The Ambius hand hygiene solution helps to reduce the spread of viruses with safe, gentle, dye-free foam sanitizer that kills up to 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, and harmful germs. The modular, mobile sanitizer stands use sensor-operated, no-touch technology and will include bi-weekly or monthly service, based on the business’ unique traffic. With more than 80% of common viruses and bacteria spread by contaminated hands, the Ambius experts will determine the correct placement of each unit to encourage positive hand hygiene as well as signal the business’ commitment to health and safety.

For multi-location operations, the COVID-19 Protocol Check provides visits to each location to conduct an unbiased assessment of health hygiene and safety initiatives. The detailed, on-site assessment, provided by the Rentokil sister company, Steritech, is conducted at each location to review wellness policies around social distancing, touchpoints, face masks and PPE, and more. The process ensures that locations are adhering to the new procedures while offering expert recommendations and best practices to keep people safe. The results are provided to each location as well as the corporate office, to provide data-driven insights and actionable recommendations to keep each location operating consistently and safely.

Hygiene360’s full-circle approach provides peace of mind to customers and employees to get back to business safely. Each commercial space is unique, and Ambius partners with the business leaders to understand the overall need to create a customized plan, evaluating operational risk and highlighting key areas for enhanced hygiene action.