Ice Makers by the Month Subscription

Hoshizaki & Easy Ice offer machines with all-inclusive service, avoiding expensive repair costs

Ice machine designer and manufacturer, Hoshizaki, joins Easy Ice, the only national provider in the full-service ice machine subscription industry, to offer Ice Makers by the Month—an ice machine subscription program available exclusively through Hoshizaki’s dealer network. This all-inclusive subscription program works just like movie streaming subscriptions, and allows dealers to gain access to a growing segment of the ice machine industry while offering a broader range of services to their customer makers

The subscriptions come with everything needed to maintain a clean and reliable source of ice without upfront capital but with a 100% lifetime warranty on parts and labor.

“Ice Makers by The Month is the most innovative and comprehensive ice machine solution in the marketplace,” says Hoshizaki America’s Sr. VP of Sales & Marketing, Chris Karsseins. “It is designed to meet the needs of the food service industry that now, more than ever, must plan more carefully how to best use capital. Easy Ice’s singular focus on providing businesses with a reliable, high quality supply of ice is a perfect match with Hoshizaki’s unrivaled dependability and durability. Full-service ice machine subscriptions are the fastest growing segment for ice machine sales and we are confident our customers, along with our equipment and service dealers, will benefit from this partnership with Easy Ice.”

Ice Makers by the Month is an all-inclusive program featuring a new Hoshizaki ice maker combined with preventive maintenance, repairs, cleaning, and sanitizing of the entire machine—inside and out—to keep the ice supply clean and safe. There are no long-term commitments and no credit checks to become eligible for the service. An Ice Makers by the Month subscription is effectively a lifetime guarantee on the Hoshizaki equipment performance, even covering the cost of ice supply should the machine break down.

“Hoshizaki’s commitment to this program gives equipment dealers an innovative way to sell more ice machines,” says Easy Ice CEO Mark Hangen, “and perhaps most importantly, enables service dealers to continue providing their customers with an outstanding service experience. We share Hoshizaki’s passion for delivering a superior ice machine solution to businesses across the country and are excited to deliver the Ice Makers by The Month program through Hoshizaki’s outstanding network of equipment and service dealers.”


  1. An interesting concept. Get all the advantages of the equipment at an affordable price every month. WOuld certainly help with business cash flow issues.

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