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In today’s world, budget can become a major constraint for any school or facility trying to implement an effective ID Card solution., a provider of photo identification services based in New York City, focuses on providing its customers in charge of school security decisions with innovative ID card solutions irrespective of budget.

Smart security starts with a successful ID card program that can be a $1,000 dollar investment or less depending on the facility. IDSecurityOnline’s company policy, as strictly enforced by its President, Gabriel Schonzeit, is simple: No school, non-for-profit, or any organization will ever be turned away or denied based on budget.

school securityNow more than ever, schools and organizations are looking for high-quality ID card systems that increase safety and protect people. Due to the increase in school shootings and other emergency situations, ID badging has become top-of-mind for schools throughout the country.

From access control to video surveillance, most schools invest in some type of security system to prevent unauthorized individuals from entering school grounds. Both K-12 and college campuses are at risk on a daily basis and need to take necessary precautions to prevent an active shooter or any type of crime incident taking place on the premises. Safeguarding students is just as important as providing a quality education. School administrators are tasked with providing a safe environment for students, and many rely on ID Cards as part of their efforts to accomplish this.

There are two options available to school administrators when implementing a new ID card system. The first option consists of purchasing an in-house ID card printer which offers the school the ability to print its own ID badges for students and staff on an as-needed basis. If a school selects this option, it will need to ensure there are enough ID badges on hand in addition to keeping stock on maintenance supplies and accessories. The second option includes outsourcing card production — sometimes referred to as ID as a service. It refers to outsourcing the physical card production to a third party. The outsourcing model is not without its risks, and protecting cardholder data while it is being sent to and from a third party is not an easy task, Schonzeit says. “The pre-enrollment side of things can be scary – what if the wrong person gets the ID in their hand? “This is why you have to be very careful with service bureau work.”

Although Schonzeit believes in ID as a service, he still says in-house issuance remains the most secure option for businesses or schools. “I would prefer for a person to purchase a designated computer and photo ID printer that’s only used for the printing of IDs internally. That is still my preference from a security standpoint, but in many cases outsourcing makes sense,” he says.

However, there are advantages of outsourcing ID Card services that include not having to worry about buying and maintaining issuance equipment and software, stocking card supplies onsite and paying employees to handle the work internally.

Despite any drawbacks of outsourcing or budget constraints, each individual school should determine the best ID card solution that fits its needs. All schools need to implement an integrated security system that includes physical security working in tandem with ID card solutions. Just like developing annual school curriculums, security should be planned out and reviewed on an annual basis. realizes the urgency of providing ID cards and accessories to schools and organizations and recently announced a new same day delivery service to its NYC customers. This service is available to customers who need ID printers, ID cards, or accessories delivered at the speed of light. Customers who place an order before 2PM EST, will receive their shipment the same day free of charge and utilize UberRUSH to deliver their ID card products quickly and efficiently. “We wanted to make sure that our customers receive the best service possible and offering same day delivery through UberRUSH is the ultimate service,” states Schonzeit.