Identity Is The Only Perimeter And Security Needs To Adapt

In today’s workplace, be it on location or remote, the identity should define where we can go, what we can do, and what we can log in to. Learn how to unify identity management across both cyber and physical access in one place for maximum efficiency.

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The way that we live and work has changed. Employers and workforces are increasingly moving towards remote and location-independent roles. Expanding globalization requires the right levels of access at the right time, anywhere in the world.

identityThe traditional separation of physical access controls and logical security is blurred. Running a mixed environment of different types of authentication and access control systems for physical and cyber security is hard—modern security requires a new way of thinking.

The emphasis needs to change, away from disparate, fragmented systems and protocols, to a unified, portable way of managing security based on something we all have—our identities. Even as we travel and require new ways to access the enterprise, our identities remain the same.

A move to an identity-first solution requires converging physical and logical access and consolidating them.

This effectively makes identity the only security perimeter that matters—create the proper levels of authentication and control around identities, and you solve many other problems. A unified identity management system empowers your business to:

  • Unify identity management across physical and cyber assets.
  • Digitally transform the way you manage security.
  • Manage and audit your information for compliance purposes.
  • Create easy-to-use, seamless and consistent security processes.
  • Consolidating your two-factor and multifactor authentication needs.

Why Do We Need To Consider Identity As The Only Perimeter?

The way we work and interact is changing rapidly, and security management needs to adapt. Consider the multiple ways that employees, customers, partners, and others access your workplace and our IT systems…

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Identity Is The Only Perimeter And Security Needs To Adapt