IEHA Promotes Healthy Schools With Free Guide

The International Executive Housekeepers Association (IEHA) has launched a campaign for healthier schools through better cleaning and maintenance of school facilities. Appealing to communities, and fostering dialog with school staff and local officials is an important part of IEHA’s strategy.

Consequently, the organization is making available free (plus shipping and handling) to the public the pocket guide, Clean and Healthy Schools for Dummies, by Dr. David Mudarri, former EPA indoor air quality scientist. This initiative is sponsored by the Healthy Schools Campaign and Activeion Cleaning Solutions, LLC.

IEHA is reaching out to communities via its 75 national and international chapters to create local awareness. Each chapter is being asked to contact local school PTAs and officials, and to make practical resources available at the local level. This includes connecting school boards and local school officials with the Process Cleaning for Healthy Schools (PCHS) Consortium, a non-profit dedicated to “schools helping schools” improve cleaning processes cost-effectively and within tight budgets. In addition, IEHA is contacting schools where IEHA members are employed and making available the Clean and Healthy Schools for Dummies booklet.

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