IFMA Foundation Announces FY2021-22 Board of Trustees

A separate entity from IFMA, the non-profit focuses on promoting education for facility management profession and highlighting FM as a career of choice.

Early this month, the IFMA Foundation announced appointments to its board of trustees for the 2021-21 fiscal year. The executive committee includes: Chair Bob Dills; First Vice Chair Case Runolfson, CFM; and Second Vice Chair Irene Thomas Johnson, CFM. Joe Archie will assume the role of Past Chair. Nancy Sanquez, IFMA Fellow, will continue her role as Executive Advisor Knowledge Management Committee, Tony Piucci as Executive Advisor Strategy, and Pat Turnbull, IFMA Fellow, as Executive Advisor, IFMA Foundation Senate.IFMAEstablished in 1990 as a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation and separate entity from the International Facility Management Association (IFMA), the IFMA Foundation is dedicated to the mission of promoting education for the facility management profession around the world and making FM a career of choice.

“What a great privilege it is to join with our Board of Trustees to lead this fine organization at this time in history” said Chair Bob Dills. “In this reawakening of facilities as our workforces fully return all around the world, we understand better than ever what a vital role the facility management professional has in our health, safety, wellness, productivity, and happiness and how our profession provides a great, rewarding path for those joining the craft. The opportunities to make a true difference in the world are humbling.”

The IFMA Foundation’s 2021-22 Board of Trustees includes:

  • Dean Stanberry, CFM, LEED AP O&M / IFMA Second Vice Chair
  • Regina Ford Cahill / Pratt Institute
  • Jim Caldwell / Workforce Incubator
  • Angela Johnson Culver, PE, PMP / JAR Engineering & Consulting
  • Raffy Espiritu, FMP / Impec Group
  • Christy Jellets / Project Chimps
  • Alexi Marmot / Bartlett Global Centre for Learning Environment, University College London
  • Dennis Mulgrew / Sodexo
  • Carlos Santamaria / CEES Advisors
  • Geoff Snavely / milliCARE by EBC
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