IFMA’s Facility Management Benchmark Report Released

The report includes an exploration of facility management strategies for organizational agility and change management.

The International Facility Management Association (IFMA) has released the latest product of its FM Research and Benchmarking Institute (RBI), the 2018 Operations and Maintenance: Qualitative Analysis Benchmarking Report. The report is a comprehensive analysis of the most recent operations and maintenance benchmarking survey of more than 2,000 individual responses representing 98,000 buildings in 35 industries. Of particular interest in this report is a section exploring facility management (FM) strategies for organizational agility and change management.

maintenance benchmarking
(Photo: Air Force / Margo Wright)

“Like the businesses they serve, FM professionals are themselves operating in a perpetual state of change,” said Nickolas A. Rocha, director of RBI. “Benchmarks have always captured a cross section of time to help inform strategic decisions, provide external validation or reveal operational shortcomings. For that reason alone, this report comes through in a big way, covering tools and tactics that define modern FM. On top of that, we’ve taken an extra step to ask FM professionals about their strategies for organizational agility. This analysis offers insights for how FM is thriving in a dynamic environment of change.”

The 2017 Operations and Maintenance Benchmarking Research Report focused primarily on financial metrics, while the Operations and Maintenance: Qualitative Analysis Benchmarking Report provides data from the United States and Canada on practices and tools being used by industry professionals in managing facility services quality. For example, the report describes outsourcing of in-house maintenance needs and preventive maintenance plans.

The report includes data-based insights that can translate into operational guidelines for:

  • Solid waste diversion
  • Legislative mandates
  • Energy management
  • Green janitorial training and programs
  • Maintenance management
  • Planning
  • Work requests and device usage
  • Satisfaction with and perception of information technology services
  • Benchmarking plans
  • Customer satisfaction survey use and frequency
  • Organizational agilitymaintenance benchmarking

Facility management professionals can use the report to conduct a variety of analyses to determine competitive performance standing and identify best practices in operations and maintenance. The report is available for purchase and immediate download for $325 ($205 for IFMA members).