Did You Miss The Improving Workplace Privacy And Productivity With Sound Masking Webinar?

Speech privacy potential chart. Presented on Wednesday, June 3, 2015, this webinar examined the issue of speech privacy in the workplace—the #1 complaint of open office workers. With the shift towards open floor plans and collaborative office design today’s facility executives are faced with detrimental noise and privacy challenges. While modern office architecture and design can be visually pleasing, the hidden impacts to employee privacy and productivity, due to poor acoustics, often go untreated. Direct-field sound masking is one solution to help increase speech privacy, reduce noise distractions, and increase productivity, without costly construction.

This webinar looked at the following issues:

  1. How office noise and distractions can reduce productivity.
  2. About speech privacy protection and legal compliances.
  3. The ABCs of improving office acoustics.
  4. How sound masking works to create a more comfortable environment.
  5. Applications of sound masking and keys to a successful deployment.

A video of the presentation, “Improving Workplace Privacy And Productivity With Sound Masking,” is now available. To view it, fill out the form below.

Webinar: Improving Workplace Privacy and Productivity with Sound Masking