In Colorado, Xcel Energy Pilot Program Announced

Xcel Energy has announced an new energy pilot program that will use building optimization software to help large commercial customers evaluate, manage, and reduce their energy use. Qualified commercial customers whose buildings average daily summer peak load over 500 kW within the utility’s Colorado service territory will receive a financial incentive to participate.xcel-energy-logo

Under the program, customers will install new software that works alongside the building’s existing building management system to control the temperature and airflow. The buildings will experience a reduction in day-to-day energy consumption and can be called upon by Xcel Energy to assist in demand response relief, thus allowing the utility to avoid the need to purchase or produce additional power during periods of high demand.

Xcel Energy is using technology developed by energy management software company BuildingIQ called Predictive Energy Optimization™ (PEO).

A cloud-based software, the PEO tool leverages predictive analytics to enable intelligent building management. Variables such as occupant comfort, building characteristics, historical data, weather forecasts, and utility signals are used to make changes to temperature and airflow in order to alleviate energy usage when the power grid is constrained.

If the technology proves to be beneficial to customers and a cost-effective method to drive energy savings and demand response, Xcel Energy may offer an ongoing rebate program for this type of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) through its Demand Side Management portfolio.

This pilot is open to the first 10 best qualified buildings.

  • Participant must be an Xcel Energy electricity customer within Colorado service territory
  • Participant must be a class A or B commercial building with an average daily summer peak load over 500kW
  • Participant must have an existing Building Management System with digital controls to air-handler units
  • Participant must allow Xcel Energy’s technology partner to install a connection to the Building Management System

Those interested in participating in the program should contact their Xcel Energy account manager.