IndigoVision Tiered Video Management Software

A security software offering that enables customers to pay only for what they need.

Control Center v14.0 from IndigoVision is tiered video management software. This new version significantly widens the potential user base for the solution and can be purchased at three distinct levels: IndigoLite™, IndigoPro™, and IndigoUltra™.

video management softwareControl Center is a fully integrated user interface for managing video, access control, and alarms. Easy to install and intuitive to operate, Control Center video management software gives users sight, sound, and oversight of all cameras, from 1 to 100,000. Integration modules connect Access Control, Alarm Systems, Building Management, Perimeter Detection, LPR, PSIM, Facial Recognition, and Video Analytics from a single security management software application.

IndigoLite, IndigoPro, and IndigoUltra merge a user’s choice of products, allowing a custom-tailored system design of cameras, encoders, and NVRs. They allow for quick response times and easy management of video recordings. With Distributed Network Architecture (DNA), they support an unlimited number of client workstation installs and NVRs connected to the system for continuous system growth whatever the future might bring. DNA removes the need for a central server—so there is no single point of failure, latency is reduced, and there are no network bottlenecks. It also allows Control Center to integrate and manage data from other systems. Further, ONVIF conformance allows integration with open standards cameras and devices and Camera Gateway™ connects cameras from all major manufacturers using native protocols.

IndigoLite delivers 20 device connections, IndigoPro delivers 50 device connections, and IndigoUltra delivers an unlimited number of device connections. Each includes PTZ control and video resolution of up to 20MP.

“A tiered software offering enables customers to pay only for what they need. At IndigoVision we believe that the features found in Control Center, combined with our commitment to open standards, integration, and our unique Distributed Network Architecture make Control Center an industry leading security solution,” said Marcus Kneed, IndigoVision CEO.

Kneed added, “Our new tiered approach allows customers to consider and select the option that best meets their security and budgetary requirements. Whatever software tier selected customers will continue to benefit from the core functionality of Control Center trusted by security professionals globally.”