Industrial Generators Meet Stringent Emissions Standards

All KOHLER KD Series diesel units above 2000 kW conform to stringent limits on nitrogen oxides

All KOHLER KD Series large diesel industrial generators above 2000 kW—in addition to exceeding all necessary EPA standards—now conform to stringent limits on nitrogen oxides (NOx) enforced within certain air quality non-attainment zones. The most recent KOHLER units to meet the air quality requirements include the KD2000, KD2250 (pictured), and KD2500 generator sets.industrial generators

The company was able to meet this requirement without utilizing any exhaust after treatment or impacting overall generator performance by utilizing the KD Series’ technologically advanced engine and fuel system.

“This is an important advancement for our KD Series generators above 2000 kW because they’re now an EPA-approved option for non-attainment zones, like Northern Virginia, that have both a very heavy concentration of data centers and very strict limits on NOx emissions,” said Brad Meissner, product manager for KOHLER industrial generators. “The highly efficient KD Series generators have always met EPA Tier II standards, but with the new modification, they’re able to meet the Not to Exceed Limit for NOx established by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (VDEQ). This development positions our KD Series as an appealing new solution for a rapidly-expanding base of customers with unique emissions considerations in Northern Virginia as well as many other regions nationwide.”

KD Series generators are built to power any application, including hospitals, gas stations, data centers, and airports with power options up to 4 MW. The line’s G-Drive engine runs smoothly, quietly, and with low vibration thanks to its low noise combustion and optimized combustion pressure. The rigid design of the engine block, crankcase, oil sump, valve cover, and subframe also helps reduce vibration. The engine’s high fuel pressure common rail injection system reaches an injection pressure of 2,200 bar. The engine control unit controls all functions of the engine, granting a perfect match of hardware and software. Using KOHLER’s diagnostic software KODIA, users can resolve issues quickly, or even prevent them.

Matched specifically to each engine, KD Series turbochargers are designed to provide the optimal quantity of air to reach maximum power and reduce fuel consumption. Integrated controls provide seamless communication and offer remote monitoring through a VPN connection. Easy-access bearing lube points, coolant level optical gauges on both circuits, and oil replenishment systems help ensure the generator runs optimally and is easy to maintain. The APM802 controller offers a large touch screen with an intuitive user interface for paralleling, load, and generator management.

Options and accessories include multiple circuit breakers, battery heaters, block heaters, battery charger, prelube pump, and centrifugal oil filter.

When engineering the KD Series for reduced NOx emissions, KOHLER factored in the possible variation in results which may occur when testing the industrial generators at an end customer’s site. This was initiated to deliver additional peace-of-mind to owners and operators and help minimize any last-minute certification issues following installation.


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