InnoLIFT XXL Straddle Loader

Now smaller vehicles can deliver to facilities with or without loading docks, quickly and simply

The XXL Straddle Loader from InnoLIFT USA speeds and simplifies pallet-load deliveries. The product lifts its load and itself into and out of virtually any delivery vehicle, including Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit, and Ram ProMaster cargo vans; box trucks; and semi-trailers. The self-lifting loaders are suitable for virtually any last mile delivery need, including food and beverage distributors; colleges, universities, and schools; convenience store distributors; paint and building supply dealers; federal, state, and local governments; printers, office products, and furniture distributors; vending companies; HVAC service companies; auto parts and tire distributors; medical equipment distributors; and more.

loaderThe XXL Straddle Loader allows operators to safely load and unload open and closed bottom pallets weighing up to 1,100 pounds, with other InnoLIFT models available for heavier weights. One person can deliver materials to a loading dock or a street-level facility, replacing liftgates, ramps, hoists, and conventional pallet jacks. Its maximum loading height is 51″; minimum door width is 70″.

The ergonomic design improves delivery efficiency while reducing employee fatigue, workplace injury, and employee turnover. It can eliminate the use of conventional pallet jacks for deliveries to facilities without loading docks and eliminates the waiting time for a loading dock to open up—thus speeding the delivery and enhancing overall safety and efficiency. The XXL Straddle Loader can also allow the use of smaller delivery vehicles.

Both manual push and electric-powered walk-behind models are available, all featuring hydraulic lift. All units can be charged en route in delivery vehicle or in host facility. Unlike exterior-mount forklifts, InnoLIFT rides with the load and is protected from the elements. Easy to operate technology can expand the potential delivery workforce. First, the cargo is loaded into the van, truck, or delivery vehicle. Next the support legs should be pulled out and the chassis raised up electronically. Then the support legs should be pushed back in and the InnoLIFT and cargo should be walked into the van. Once the load is secured, it’s ready to go. Upon arrival at delivery site, the process is simply reversed.

InnoLIFT USA products are available through local material handling distributors and are backed by a one year parts warranty with extended parts warranty and financing also available.


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