Inscape RockIt Bench System

Two new enhancements—90° planning and height adjustment—being showcased at NeoCon

Inscape has announced two significant upgrades to its RockIt Bench being showcased at NeoCon 2019 from June 10-12 in Chicago. The enhancements include the addition of 90° planning capability and SkyRockIt electronic height adjustment technology that is seamlessly integrated into the bench system.

RockIt is a light scale bench design that supports personalization, adaptability on demand, and wellbeing even in demanding environments. With clean visual lines, a compact spine, and a canted universal leg, it embodies simplicity but with the functional capabilities of high-powered benching platforms. The product is visually light with authentic wood details.

“We wanted RockIt to feature the most innovative technology that enhances productivity and comfort without sacrificing the simple, compact design that our users love. Both the 90° planning and SkyRockIt features enable flexibility, practicality, and wellbeing in any office environment,” said David Gerson, Chief Brand Officer at Inscape, when speaking about the upgrades.

bench system
90° Planning

The addition of 90° planning to the bench system offers users complete customization abilities, from collaboration to concentration. New screens and modesty panels provide visual and acoustic privacy, power is easily accessible on the core or through a power module on the work surface, and several personalization accessories, like slide-in planters, brighten and oxygenate the space. This new feature will be available in Fall 2019.

bench system

SkyRockIt was integrated into the RockIt frame to provide height flexibility for a sit-stand workstation without compromising the sleek aesthetic. The cantilevered pneumatic lift is activated with the click of a button that is intelligently hidden from the eye and requires no additional legs or accessories. This new feature will also be available to retroactively add to fixed RockIt bench installations with the existing frame.

“Sit-stand workstations have become a staple for many office spaces due to the numerous healthy behaviors they promote, such as improved postures and increased physical activity. Incorporating this feature with the latest electronic technology and into RockIt’s clean architectural lines has allowed us to give our users the flexibility and performance they require without compromising design,” said Gerson.

The centerline of RockIt is a jumping off point from where users can build out a system that works for them. The bench system comes in an array of colors and finishes and includes accessories for storage, display, and privacy as well as easily accessible outlets for charging. RockIt features up to 20 Cat5 cables, Nuform and laminate work surface materials, and wood or painted canted legs.

RockIt is BIFMA level® 3 and SCS Indoor Advantage Gold certified.