Insulation Installation, For Metal Buildings

The AutoCeil insulation and finishing system for metal building roofs and walls from Thermal Design, Inc. features a new automated installation process which provides a tensioned ceiling support system for uncompressed, full thickness insulation. This design from Thermal Design is a method of installation that eliminates bottom side banding, strapping, and fasteners throughout the entire ceiling to provide a safer and easier installation.

The AutoCeil sheet is manufactured to fit each building bay, covering both sidewalls and the entire building bay width with a single piece of sheet material. The system uses a specialized winch system to lift and pull the durable sheet material across the entire building over support struts within the structure.


The sheet rests on the floor of one side of building while the operator from the floor on the opposite side of building, operates winches to lift the AutoCeil sheet up the wall, across the building width and down the opposite wall where it is tensioned and fastened into position.

This newly patented all-in-one product (US Patent 8844230) encapsulates all purlins and girts providing a continuous vapor and air barrier design. It is Class A fire rated, instantly finishes roof and wall interiors, and allows building teams to economically achieve any desired installed thermal performance to meet and exceed stringent energy code requirements.

Product specifications, installation video, and instructions are available on the Thermal Design website.

Based in Wisconsin and Nebraska, Thermal Design assists with energy code compliance and provides products and services globally that focus on integrating the design of insulation, HVAC, lighting, controls and power generation specifically tailored for pre-engineered metal buildings.