Integration Automates GHS Label Creation

Avery Products & SiteHawk partner to help companies create chemical and safety labels that meet the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) Hazard Communication Standard (HazCom).

Avery® Products Corporation, a manufacturer of printable labels and label design software, has partnered with SiteHawk, a leader in chemical data management and compliance solutions, to develop software integration that makes GHS label creation a simple and automated process.ghs label creation

The partnership allows SiteHawk users to automatically transmit GHS information from SiteHawk Communicator to the free Avery Design & Print GHS Wizard online software for easy label printing.

Labeling requirements vary across corporations and within facilities. To meet these diverse needs, the new partnership enables quick and easy generation of GHS-compliant labels in multiple label layouts that users can either print themselves on Avery UltraDuty® GHS Chemical Labels using their desktop printers or have Avery WePrint professionally print and ship the labels to them.

“This integration between SiteHawk and our Avery GHS Wizard software makes GHS label creation a simple automated process,” said Jenifer Do, Senior Marketing Director at Avery Products Corporation. “Once GHS information is transferred, SiteHawk users can customize the labels using easy editing tools in our software, and then print them on Avery UltraDuty GHS Chemical Labels to become compliant in minutes.”

With this integration, users simply select a standard Avery GHS label template from within the SiteHawk application. GHS-compliant data is then imported from SiteHawk to the Avery Design & Print GHS Wizard software which offers easy drag-and-drop label editing features to customize label content, add logos, barcodes, variable data, and other important information. And with SiteHawk’s standard 24-month Update and Verification services, users can ensure their label content reflects the most current chemical data for each material.

“SiteHawk’s partnership with Avery couples world class data management and best of breed labeling technology to meet GHS labeling needs,” said Kimberley Williams, Chief Marketing Officer at SiteHawk. “Our collaboration with Avery enables workplaces in every industry worldwide to utilize a flexible, compliant secondary container labeling solution to drive safer, smarter decisions and business success.”

Avery UltraDuty GHS Chemical Labels are made with specially engineered, high-performance materials that make them waterproof and resistant to chemicals, abrasion, UV light, tearing, and harsh temperatures. In addition, they meet British Standard 5609 for 90-day seawater immersion. The GHS labels are available in a variety of sizes to help identify hazardous materials in containers such as drums, totes, pails, jugs, and bottles.

To learn more about Avery UltraDuty GHS Chemical Labels and the Avery GHS Wizard,