Integrity 4200 Ceiling Suspension System

Showcases the smooth, white finish of a Rockfon tile with a double-reveal grid profile

Chicago Metallic™ Integrity™ 4200 from Rockfon® is a ceiling suspension system with a 9/16″ narrow face. It showcases the smooth, white finish of a Rockfon tile with a double-reveal grid profile. The non-mitered intersections allow for design flexibility and ease of installation. Suitable applications include offices, airport transit stations, healthcare facilities, and galleries.suspension system

The narrow profile of the Chicago Metallic Integrity 4200 accepts light fixtures and air diffusers as well as industry standard narrow reveal edge acoustical ceiling panels. Suspension is flame spread Class A and suitable for general areas. All Chicago Metallic stab cross tees include Quick-Click integral clips for fast and sturdy installation.

suspension systemRockfon acoustic stone wool ceiling panels with a square tegular narrow (SLN) edge are mounted in the new Integrity 4200 Series 9/16-inch exposed suspension system. The SLN panels rest flush with the center bar of the grid profile to produce the double reveal.

ROCKWOOL® stone wool is produced by means of patented technology where volcanic stone and recycled materials are melted and spun into wool, which becomes the core material of Rockfon® stone wool panels. Stone wool inherently provides performance attributes including sound absorption, fire protection, humidity resistance, and sound insulation. The wool is shaped and cut according to exact specifications into acoustic tiles of varied size, thickness, and density. Finally, finishing treatments are applied that result in an elegant, durable, and attractive surface.

The Chicago Metallic Integrity 4200’s stab-end cross-tees save labor and time during installation. The staked-on ends provide secure connections and meet the requirements of Seismic Design Categories D, E, and F. Coupled with Rockfon stone ceiling panels’ key performance features, the complete ceiling system provides fire safety and humidity resistance, optimum light reflection, and acoustic control.