IntelliDish™ By Sealed Air Diversey Care

Sealed Air’s Diversey Care division has launched IntelliDish – a sophisticated, cloud-powered management, insight, and monitoring system that optimizes the performance, productivity, and resource-utilization of commercial dishwashing operations in hotels, restaurants, and healthcare kitchens.

commercial dishwashing IntellidishThe IntelliDish system is an advanced “smart” technology system that tracks and reports real-time dishwashing information. It works by identifying and communicating various aspects of a dishwashing machine’s cycle to a cloud-based server. Then, it automatically analyzes the data, sends real-time status reports and alarms to an intuitive user dashboard, and provides the information required to resolve any issues. This allows operators and managers to identify consistent pain points that are reducing profitability and pre-empt them from happening in the future.

Dishwashing is connected to 60 percent of what happens in a kitchen and it has a key impact on kitchen operational efficiency. There are several key aspects of IntelliDish that can help businesses reduce wasted resources that result from inefficiencies in the dishwashing process.

Rewash is one of the key measures of efficiency. High rewash rates can be attributed to one of multiple factors in the dishwashing process that are not optimized and are increasing the costs per rack. IntelliDish provides an overview of these factors to help identify where efficiency is being lost and, in turn, how rewash rates can be reduced.

It is estimated that 2-3 percent of dishwashing costs in the food service and hospitality industries result from breakage, caused by either when kitchens are forced to wash dishes manually or have a high rewash rate that requires more handling which leads to a higher chance of breakage. With IntelliDish status updates and dynamic training, it helps to avoid broken dishwashers, high rewash rates and breakage, and allows kitchen staff to make the best possible use of their working hours.

“With IntelliDish, operators within these industries have a smart, innovative, and intuitive tool to help optimize every aspect of their dishwashing operations – increasing overall operational efficiency and thus, profitability,” said Dr. Ilham Kadri, President at Diversey Care.

“IntelliDish has many advantages,” explained Dr. Kadri. “It acts as an analyst in each of a business’ kitchens to constantly monitor performance and ensure systems are running optimally. It is also a means to track and share data in real-time, giving kitchen operators the ability to make more informed business decisions, anytime and anywhere, and makes sure processes are less labor-intensive for not just one, but any location.”

In hotels and restaurants, the continuity and efficiency of kitchen operations are key to ensuring the customer satisfaction that the business relies upon. With IntelliDish, businesses can prevent inefficient dishwashing processes that might negatively impact their customers’ experience.

IntelliDish has been designed as part of Diversey Care’s Internet of Clean platform, which includes a variety of connected technology solutions for commercial cleaning – providing full visibility of cleaning operations to improve efficiencies and reduce costs.