Interface Consolidates Sustainability Goals With "Mission Zero"

Interface Flooring Systems, based in LaGrange, GA, recently announced its name change to become InterfaceFLOR Commercial™. In addition to announcing its new name, the modular flooring company has also launched “Mission Zero™,” which names the company’s promise to eliminate any negative impact the company may have on the environment by the year 2020.

For TFM’s coverage of setting sustainable goals, read “Setting A Timetable: The 2030 Challenge,” in the July 2006 issue.

InterfaceFLOR Commercial president David Hobbs explained the introduction of Mission Zero and the unification of all Interface companies worldwide under the Interface brand. “The restatement of our brand promise and our name change will help communicate the company’s promise of sustainability and clarify the products that deliver on that promise,” he said. “This promise encapsulates everything that the companies have become known for over the past 12 years.”

According to Hobbs, Mission Zero is a way of articulating the company’s journey to sustainability that began in 1994. “Long ago, we announced our intention to dramatically reduce our environmental footprint by 2020, and that became our mission. Now, our mission has a name.”

As part of Mission Zero, InterfaceFLOR Commercial pioneered the concept of non-directional modular floor covering through its i2™ collection of products. This collection is inspired on the principles of biomimicry–studying natural systems and implementing those concepts into its processes and products.

The i2 products are certified Cool CarpetTM, a climate neutral program that neutralizes greenhouse gas emissions. Fueled by methane gas captured at a local landfill, this backing technology allows the company to use fiber face and vinyl backing of reclaimed tile, reducing the dependence on petroleum based raw materials.