Interplay Learning Offers New HVAC Training, Announces Partnership

Interplay Learning offers video-based OSHA 10 and EPA 608 training, and is providing hospitality and safety training with a new partnership.


HVAC training
Photo: Adobe Stock – auremar

Interplay Learning now offers video-based OSHA 10 and EPA 608 training designed to conveniently equip entry-level HVAC technicians with crucial workplace safety skills that help business owners protect their companies and keep their teams safe.

The new offerings provide maintenance technicians online access to training and assessments for OSHA 10 and EPA 608 through Interplay Learning’s SkillMill learning solution, which provides more than 300 hours of online technical training and hands-on 3D simulations for the skilled trades.

Through this training, business owners can help technicians earn their OSHA 10-Hour Card and EPA 608 certification online, including centralized tracking, video-based exam prep courses, study materials, knowledge checks, and assessment exams. Interplay Learning is certified as an official EPA Technician Certification Program and can help new technicians earn certification quickly using online video training, practice tests, and live exam proctoring for the EPA 608 Universal certification.

To support entry-level workers, Interplay is partnering with CareerSafe, an OSHA-authorized online outreach training provider, to deliver its OSHA 10 training and assessments. From OSHA basics to construction industry-specific workplace hazards, CareerSafe’s online video-based training provides foundational knowledge about occupational safety and health standards for construction industry careers.

With flexible, on-demand course content, techs can learn at their own pace and according to their own learning style. Employers can track their team members’ progress and results through one platform.

Partnership With Pacific Hotels

HVAC training
Pacifica Hotels Engineer working on training. (Photo provided by Interplay Learning)

In addition, Interplay Learning recently partnered with Pacific Hotels, the largest owner and operator of boutique hotels along the Pacific Coast, to provide comprehensive hospitality and safety training that enables Pacifica Hotels to upskill entry-level maintenance engineers and cross train experienced engineers to prepare them for a full range of hospitality services including HVAC, plumbing, facilities maintenance, and electrical.

Interplay Learning’s on-demand video training and hands-on 3D simulations help hotel maintenance engineers rapidly develop on-the-job skills and practice hands-on troubleshooting in a risk-free environment. With the training platform in place, hospitality companies can meet the ongoing challenge of the skilled trades labor shortage by rapidly training new workers and maximizing team performance.

The company offers expert-led video-based training, knowledge checks, and hands-on 3D simulations for hospitality companies and their teams. The on-demand course content in English and Spanish provides flexibility so team members can practice anytime, according to their learning style, using a tablet, computer or virtual reality.

Interplay Learning’s command center and dashboard allow management teams to assign courses, monitor progress, and track course completion for all of their engineers. Managers can also use Interplay Learning’s online skills assessment to get an objective analysis of their team members’ progress and aptitude to personalize the training to their unique needs.

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