IOM Identity Management Platform by SRI Identity

The Identity on the Move™ (IOM) Identity Management Platform by SRI Identity™ is a software solution designed for simplicity and scalability. It can support a wide range of applications from large-scale distributed architectures to handheld devices for access control, surveillance, and personnel management.

identity managementThe IOM Identity Management Platform delivers a set of core services through a pluggable open architecture. It coordinates a full range of multimodal biometric identification (face, iris, and fingerprint), as well as a suite of auxiliary services such as authentication, component registration, and biometrically backed badge generation.

Users can manage or monitor the IOM Identity Management Platform from their desktops, tablets, phones, or other networked devices through Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox. Windows, Linux, and Android operating systems are supported.

The IOM Identity Management Platform integrates with biometric capture devices, including SRI’s portals and tablets. It features live monitoring of enrollments or biometric collection points, a configurable retention policy, and user defined subject categories and alerts.

Products in the IOM suite include the IOM Handheld Identity Reader, Access Control Reader, Drive-Up Identity Reader, and IOM Walk-Through Identity Reader.

The IOM Handheld Identity Reader is a ruggedized, handheld device that allows for simple biometric enrollment and identification anywhere in the field. It can capture dual-iris and facial images up to 18″ away for a comfortable distance between the user and the subject.

The IOM Access Control Reader is a modular identity verification system for access control. It allows users to network any number of iris readers to enforce secure access throughout a facility or campus.

The IOM Drive-Up Identity Reader is an iris biometric system for vehicle entry points. It extends the use of identity authentication to the perimeter. The product is automated and can efficiently replace RFID cards, passcodes, or security guards at the gate.

The IOM Walk-Through Identity Reader is a walk-through biometric system that can be integrated directly into existing turnstiles, infrastructures, or entrances. Suitable for high-traffic applications such as airports and corporate lobbies, it delivers identification without delay.